10 Errors That We All Make While Gambling in Casinos And How to Stop Making Them

Man With Head Down and A Pile of Chips in Front of Him

Gambling in land-based casinos has its ups and downs. Most gamblers accept that there will be missteps that cost them money early on.

However, these same gamblers continue making the same or similar errors throughout their gambling career. Also, I want to highlight the fact that you don’t need to accept poor play merely because you’re a casino newbie.

Every gambler that walks into a casino should be of the mindset that there’s no reason to throw away good money by being undisciplined. Avoiding common mistakes on the casino floor will extend your session, and you’ll consistently take home more cash.

Today, we’ll examine 10 errors that we all make while gambling in casinos and how to stop them from continually hampering your enjoyment of casinos.

1 – Blowing Your Bankroll on Ancillary Activities

The excitement can be overwhelming the first several times you walk up to a massive casino resort. The first thing you want to do is explore every attraction offered.

I’ll admit that I still get this sensation. Casinos are purpose-driven with entertainment in mind, and they check all the boxes for many visitors.

Unfortunately, few of these beautiful attractions are free. Most of the fabulous activities away from the casino would be considered overpriced if they were in Lincoln, NE, instead of Las Vegas, NV.

Still, there are many things to see and do that don’t involve casino gambling. Just take a look at all things you can do at Winstar World Casino! You should get out and see them, but not at the peril of your bankroll.

Look for ways to save money on the attractions by shopping for bargains online. If you’re a known gambler to the casino, you should talk to the player’s card personnel to see if you can get comped tickets to the show or attraction.

Above all, you must have a separate budget dedicated to spa treatments, golfing, shows, and other activities around the casino.

2 – Headed to the Casino on a Solo Mission

It took me years to learn that I wasn’t doing myself any favors by making regular trips to the casino alone. I enjoy peace and solitude more than the average person. So, the solo mission to the casino seemed to be right in my wheelhouse.

However, I’d wish I had brought someone along to share the adventure at some point on every trip. Since most gamblers are social by nature, the average casino gambler will likely hit this point early in a trip.

Women Winning at the Slots

You may hit a big win and wish you had someone to share the excitement with, or you could be sitting in the restaurant all alone watching the families having raucous conversations and starting to miss your crew. Either way, it’s a great idea to head to the casino with friends or family.

Casinos can close in and make you feel alone, don’t complicate matters by gambling solo.

3 – Play Games That Don’t Provide Any Enjoyment

Early in my gambling life, I played a lot of games that didn’t provide me much enjoyment. I consider that standard because it takes experience learning what we like or don’t like in the casino.

However, I am surprised how often I still play games that aren’t moving the needle for me. When gambling, the primary focus (for ALL non-advantage players) should be entertainment.

I recall a recent trip where I told my family we’d meet near a particular entrance to head out for dinner. In typical fashion, my sister and brother-in-law were running a solid 45-minutes late.

Instead of finding a seat and catching up on the news or my 6,733 unread e-mails, I decided to try a progressive slot machine. I don’t particularly enjoy slots, but I figured if the unthinkable happened and I won, we’d have an even more fantastic dining experience to celebrate.

I spent an hour spinning those reels. I didn’t get a single ounce of enjoyment from the experience, and I lost nearly $100.

The chances are that you’re going to lose money playing casino games. Don’t settle for games that aren’t providing any entertainment.

4 – Booked Our Stay at a Horrible Resort

I’m ashamed to admit it, but there was a time when I didn’t appreciate the comfort of a good bed or reliable plumbing. For years, I’d spend the bare minimum for a room and justify my frugal nature with how little I’d be in the room.

However, we all spend more time in our rooms than we anticipate. Even if we’re only sleeping at the resort we book, it’s going to have a noticeable impact on the trip.

Hotel Room

Don’t ruin an entire vacation by staying at a subpar resort with poor service and overpriced amenities. Shop online, read reviews from fellow travelers, and you can make your money go a long way.

5 – Overstay Our Welcome at the Tables

One of the proper gut punches that come with casino gambling is seeing your wins vanish before your eyes. As a novice gambler, I’d get up a few hundred dollars and assume that it must be my night.

If what I’m doing is working, why would I think the tables would ever turn?

Sadly, the tables would turn, and I was in the hole before I knew it. Sometimes, I’d ride it out until my entire bankroll was gone.

You can avoid this familiar scenario by setting limits to your gaming. Having a win limit is a phenomenal way to ensure that you don’t see your wins vanish.

Try setting a limit on wins, and when you hit that number, walk away. At the least, you should set that money aside to take home with you.

6 – Always Betting the Max on Slot Machines

Most players automatically assume that they should bet max lines on slot machines. There are cases where betting the maximum lines is beneficial, but not in every scenario.

Casino Floor With Slot Machines

When playing max lines or credits, there must be a value behind your bet. Many progressive games will require you to bet the maximum to trigger the progressive jackpot. But that may not create value based on the rarity of a win and the money you’ll lose.

Pay attention to the paytable on slot machines. If there’s not a bump in payouts for betting the max credits, you’re burning money.

7 – Take Our Entire Bankrolls to the Casino

What percentage of your bankroll do you carry into the casino?

If you said anything other than 100%, you’re either lying or have learned a hard lesson. I spent years walking into a casino with every dollar I could scrape together, and many gamblers do the same.

Even when I had zero intentions of dipping into a significant portion of the bankroll, the casino has a way of drawing it out of me.

Instead of heading to the casino with as much money as possible, head into the casino with as little cash as possible. It may not seem like as much fun, but you’ll have money left to make more frequent casino trips.

8 – All or Nothing on Progressives

Winning a mammoth progressive jackpot could be the highlight of any casino gambling career. However, the odds of ever hitting a progressive are not in your favor.

The problem with progressives is that the volatility of the games is incredibly high. Initially, the RTP may not look bad, but that figure includes the jackpots.

Man Flipping Through Money

Because most players will never see a dime of that money, the practical RTP is much lower. That leads to your bankroll emptying much faster, which shortens the entertainment you get from the games.

Furthermore, you’ll have fewer incremental wins that sometimes make you a winner.

9 – Buying into Betting Systems

Betting systems and tout services are two things the gambling world would be better off eliminating. I can’t sit down at a table without some poor player certain that they will outmaneuver the casino with a betting system.

If these systems worked, we’d all be using them. The casinos would be forced to change the games, close up shop, or become charitable organizations.

I’ve fallen victim to the belief that I had stumbled upon a failproof system for winning money myself, and I lost everything faster than I ever had. Ignore betting systems and focus on strategy; you’ll see better results.

10 – Gambling When It Isn’t Financially Viable

I can’t stress the importance of staying on the couch when you don’t have money to lose. I’ve seen many gamblers ignore this advice and head to the casino with cash they need for rent or other expenses.

They allow hope to take over and believe they will win enough to cover their bills plus some. That’s not rooted in reality, and when they lose, it’s a problem.

Do not gamble with money you can’t afford to lose. Stay at home and save money or get a part-time job, but don’t spend your car payment in the casino.

Our Conclusion

I hope you can learn something from the 10 casino gambling errors we all make. You’re now armed with the knowledge of how to stop.

That means that past mistakes don’t need to follow you into the future. You’ll become a better gambler, which will put more money in your pocket.