10 Epic Vacation Destinations Near the Ho-Chunk Casinos

Henry Vilas Zoo Sign On Left Native Americans In Traditional Clothing On Right With Ho-Chunk Casino Logo On Bottom Right

The Ho-Chunk Casinos are a group of six casinos in Southern Wisconsin. You’ll find them scattered about a few small towns, but you’ll also discover one in Madison. They vary in size and scope, with two of them looking like small resorts while others boast just a handful of games.

Regardless of whether you plan on spending a lot or a little time at the Ho-Chunk Casinos, chances are you’ll want to explore the areas. The following locations give you a few ideas of what you’ll find near the Ho-Chunk Casinos.

So, if you’re near Black River Falls, Madison, or one of the other Ho-Chunk Casino locations, today’s post is worth referring to if you’d like to discover a few hot attractions.

Let’s explore the nearby attractions.

Andrew Blackhawk Memorial Pow-Wow Grounds

You’ll find the Andrew Blackhawk Memorial Pow-Wow Grounds near the Black River Falls location. Free and open to the public, come glimpse an epic display of heritage hosted by Ho-Chunk Nation.

Here, you’ll find traditional foods from the Ho-Chunk culture, traditional dress, musical displays, plus vendor tents featuring artistic works from the Nation’s most accomplished artists and craftspeople.

It’s the ideal place near the Blackhawk location to educate yourself on the Ho-Chunk Culture. And it’s an entertainment outlet you won’t want to miss out on.

Sand Creek Brewery

Looking to indulge in the area’s finest brews? Head over to Sand Creek Brewery and you’ll find them. You’ll find daily bottle and keg sales, along with an open taproom after 5 pm on Thursday, 3 pm on Friday, and noon on Saturday and Sunday.

Their suggested duration on TripAdvisor ranges between two and three hours, so get ready to stay awhile.

Most crafts that you’ll sample are homegrown right in the state of Wisconsin. And you can make a safe bet you won’t find better flavor anywhere else, even within the walls of the Black River Falls location.

So, take an afternoon off from the casino gaming, head over to the Sand Creek Brewery, and see what the talk of the town is about. Besides the brews, one reviewer on TripAdvisor stated they also serve complimentary popcorn. So, you’re getting a great-tasting snack along with fine crafts.

Henry Vilas Zoo

Henry Vilas Zoo is the perfect family-friendly environment if you’re looking for a fun group activity near the Madison location.

You’ll find this free zoo within another hot attraction—Vilas Park. It features animals from all over the cathedral of green, including African lions, tortoises from the Galapagos Islands, and so much more. It’s certainly a thrill ride for any youngster in your travel group.

And you too may find a few fine attractions within this attraction. So, take a trip out to the zoo, interact with the animals, and brace yourself for an experience of a lifetime.

Memorial Union Terrace

Yet another of about 50 fine places to discover in Madison, it is right on the University of Wisconsin – Madison campus and just off the bay. It’s as far north as you can go without running into the water.

Not only does it provide epic winter scenery during the holidays, but you’ll find epic ice cream shops and so much more on a hot summer’s day in the area. Besides the finest ice cream on campus and in the area, you won’t get enough of their food options.

Scenic View Of Memorial Union Terrace

Oh, and if you’d like some fine entertainment for the night, you’ll find it here, too. It’s an epic summer hangout that reviewers on TripAdvisor rave about.

And for many locals who no longer live in the area, a trip to Memorial Union Terrace serves as the ultimate homecoming.

Historic Point Basse

Reviewers call this attraction near the Nekoosa location a hidden gem. It’s a place where you will step back in time. All the way back to one of the first settlements in the State of Wisconsin.

You’ll discover restored buildings at the site. Open during special times of the year, head on over and see if you can gain access to the state’s oldest log structures. Come see what life was like for the area’s settlers near the Wisconsin River, and catch one of their many special events when you’re in town.

Per reviewers on TripAdvisor, such events include murder mystery, the spirit walk (my personal favorite), maple syrup harvesting, and so much more. Odds are, you’ll have a blast at this interactive educational experience.

Sand Valley Golf Resort

If instead, you’re looking for a way to get your golf game up and running, the Sand Valley Golf Resort has what you’re looking for. A recipient of TripAdvisor’s 2020 Traveler’s Award, this may be the centerpiece of your stay in the Nekoosa area.

Come check out those towering sand dunes among 1,700 acres of vegetation. Along with comfortable lodging and stunning views of America’s heartland, it gives you a chance to interact with nature on a personal level.

And they even claim there are sights and sounds on the property of the old world long since forgotten. Chilling, right?

Oh, and they have not one but two golf courses. Sand Valley, by Coore and Crenshaw opened in 2017 and a second course designed by David Kidd followed. Get your golf game on, refresh the mind, body, and soul in nature, and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere at Sand Valley Golf Resort.

Humbird Cheese Mart

You’ll find the Humbird Cheese Mart near the Tomah location. And yep, you guessed it, it’s well-known for its cheese.

It’s pricier than those you will find at your local grocery store for both convenience and uniqueness; it’s worth every penny to experience the rich flavor and texture of local, homegrown cheese.

They also boast an ice cream freezer. So, besides rich flavors of cheese, brace yourself for some cold ice cream featuring a local flair. Plus, they have a rocking and rolling souvenir shop. It’s a great way to commemorate your stay in the area whether you’re staying or passing through.

Tomah Sparta Speedway

Got a need for speed? Head over to the Tomah Sparta Speedway and you’ll satisfy it.

This local short track features more than a few grand levels of racing, including hornet, street stocks, sportsman, six-shooter, and even modified open-wheel. Given its unique shape, it guarantees hot racing action regardless of what division takes to the track on this ⅓-mile oval.

Tomah Sparta Speedway

They offer seasonal racing every Friday from May through September, per their overview on TripAdvisor. So, if you and your family are here during the racing season, it’s a great way to kick off a family-friendly outing in the area.

Walls of Wittenberg

If you’re into life-sized murals, the Walls of Wittenberg boasts an unforgettable display. It’s a must-see if you’re gaming in the Ho-Chunk Wittenberg area, and it’s also a year-round tourist attraction that guests of all ages and interest levels come from all over America to see.

Tour the downtown area, the parks, and even local businesses for a complete historical tale of what has made Wittenberg, Wisconsin, one of the culturally and most aesthetically significant places not just in Wisconsin, but in America.

It’s also a great way to get to know the area. But isn’t any great City of Murals in the nation?

So, be sure to take a break from the casino gaming in the Wittenberg location, stretch those legs, and take a walk into the city’s historic downtown sector. You won’t be disappointed after you view a montage of fine art.

The stories that you will find in the paintings truly reflect on the area’s local history; it’s what made Wittenberg great yesterday, today, and well off into the future. Come in and experience greatness.


TripAdvisor claims it’s the top thing to do here in the Wittenberg area. They serve up the finest smoked meats within a 90-mile radius—at least that’s what reviewers on TripAdvisor are saying, with many coming in from all over to get their hands on the meats sold at Nueske’s.

If you’d like to taste a local flair on what many have claimed to have the best meats around, Nueske’s is the place to do it. Better yet, they boast arguably the fairest prices around. Giving you even more of an incentive to buy from this local gem in the Wittenberg area.

Our Conclusion About the Area

Some of the Ho-Chunk Casinos are small, while others operate as small resorts. But there is nothing short of the attractions that you will discover all over the six Ho-Chunk Casino locations. From Madison to Wittenberg, there’s always something hot to discover.

Best yet, since many of these locations are in proximity to one another, chances are you could be gaming in one town’s location. Then, you could head off to an attraction or two within the confines of another. And also, don’t just limit yourself to the attractions above. They’re nothing more than a few hot examples.

Have you been to any of the Ho-Chunk Casinos? If so, tell us which location was your favorite and if you visited any of the above attractions. We can’t wait to read about your experience.