10 Common Slot Machine Misconceptions Debunked

Row Of Slot Machines with Myth Busted in The Top Left

The slot machines are widely considered the most popular casino games around. And the slots drive a huge portion of the casinos’ revenue because they’re notorious for offering poor odds to players.

After consulting many advanced casino gamblers, it’s safe to say that slots get a bad rap. But on this page, I want to set the record straight on a few things.

Casino gambling should be seen a form of entertainment, and having fun needs to be the real goal for a vast majority of casino gamblers. You can’t expect to go to the casino and win. That’s just not how it works.

And you certainly can’t expect to hit a slot jackpot at some point; most people live their entire lives without ever seeing one. In an effort to demystify the probability of winning a slot jackpot, we’ll go over some of the most well-known myths surrounding the one-armed bandit.

Below, you’ll find 10 common slot machine misconceptions debunked.

1 – The Games Get Hot

Many gamblers believe the casinos can remotely control how a machine is performing from spin to spin.

Slot machines operate using random number generators. These RNGs may be manipulated to increase or decrease the return to player within an acceptable range.

Somewhere along the way, players gained the notion that these RNGs can at times “get hot” and trigger a long series of wins. The prevailing thought here is that the wins will ultimately culminate in a large jackpot then got cold again.

However, this logic doesn’t hold any water. Players don’t understand that the casino doesn’t care one bit who wins and who loses.

The RTP guarantees that they will take between 2% to 8% of every dollar put into play on the slot machine. Believe me, they are more than happy with that type of return on investment.

2 – You’ll Never Effectively Swoop in for Wins

One tactic employed by some slots enthusiasts is to watch a slots bank for one that has been played the most and then swoop in to win the big prizes.

I’m sure you’ve heard stories about how some poor sap walked away from a machine after dumping money in for hours. Then, in an instant, the very following spin results in a huge jackpot win.

Yes, this has happened. Still, the odds of you swooping in and catching wins are unlikely. Slot machines are designed to slowly siphon your money. So, the machine that just took the previous gambler’s bankroll will likely do the same for you.

Wheel of Fortune Progressive Slots

Remember that the machines are only designed to pay out a percentage of the money put in over a long period of time. Sometimes, that may be higher than expected. But at others, it may be lower.

You can never effectively predict when a slot machine will payout. Avoid circling the devices like a predator and merely enjoy the games.

3 – The Truth About the Players Club

I see a ton of casino gamblers avoid joining the players club at all costs. They seem to believe that the points-based rewards program is some kind of racket run by the casino.

Look, if you don’t take the three minutes to join the casino loyalty program, you’re burning money.

The loyalty programs offer some great casino comps and perks for members. These clubs are actually one of the best ways to instantly extend your bankroll without any further effort in the casino.

You could earn free spins, tournament entries, comp meals, and even free stays by playing your favorite game. It doesn’t make a single difference whether or not you win or lose.

The only consideration is how much money you’re playing for on average. Join the players club as soon as you walk into the casino and reap the rewards down the road.

4 – Slots Are Strictly a Sucker Bet

Many casino gambling pundits consider slot machines to be a sucker bet. This school of thought stems from the fact that slot machines are based on luck and nothing more.

You won’t ever find an effective advantage gambling technique for slot machines. Furthermore, the higher than average house advantage will take your bankroll faster than several other casino games.

It’s true that the house edge and aspect of pure luck work against you. However, the comps earned through the loyalty program can offset costs elsewhere.

Slot Machines on a Casino Floor

You should keep things reasonably close to the expected return of other games by being disciplined.

The most critical factor to account for is your enjoyment. If you’re having the time of your life during sessions on a slot machine, the money lost is inconsequential within reason.

5 – You’ll Eventually Win

The most common misconception around is that when you walk into a casino to play slot machines, you’re going to walk away from a winner most of the time.

I have no clue where these gamblers are getting their information, but it’s typically the opposite.

The house edge dictates that most players are going to get in their car to head home a loser. However, we love hearing stories of people who win.

Nobody wants to tell their friends and family about all of their losing sessions. So, we are regularly hearing from players that won big on the slot machines, and we naturally assume we’re next in line.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to ensure success on slot machines. Eventually, you may win, but there will be far more losing endeavors.

6 – Only the Big Casinos Have the Best Slots

The idea that you’ll only get the best RTP at slot machines in the lavish casinos on the Las Vegas Strip or Macao isn’t only wrong; it’s somewhat backward.

The larger casinos understand that they have a captive audience, and they exploit that fact. On the famous Las Vegas Strip, the RTP is actually well below the industry average of 95% in many casinos.

Most recreational gamblers have no clue what RTP is or how it directly impacts the player. The casinos can put a ton of the lower-paying machines on the floor with the confidence that they will be there all day and night.

Rows of Slot Machines on Casino Floor

However, the off-Strip casinos in Vegas face an uphill climb. These casinos actually need to raise the bar to draw players through the door.

That’s why you’ll find the highest paying slots in Vegas at the downtown casinos. Breakaway from the Strip, and you’ll instantly improve your chances to make a profit playing slot machines.

7 – Progressive Slots Are the Only Worthwhile Slots

Some slots enthusiasts contend that the only slots worth playing are those with progressive jackpots.

This is patently false. First of all, your odds of hitting a progressive jackpot are astronomical. Some of these machines only pay out a jackpot once every two years.

Others can go on for over four years. That’s 1,460 days or 35,040 hours of having money fed in nearly constant before a jackpot is won. The chance that your four-hour session will miraculously fall within the window on the slot you are playing is unfathomable.

If you enjoy playing slot machines, you should find a game with a solid return to player. Doing this will allow you to preserve your bankroll, and you may take home some incremental wins.

8 – The Illusion of Power

Players will seek out their lucky machine, don their lucky hat, and place their random trinket on the slot machine. The result of this effort? Not a thing. There is nothing that you could ever legally do to influence the outcome of a spin.

The random number generators are not sentient beings. They have no consciousness and no free will. Their sole function is to churn out results. Results are not influenced by any factors other than the parameters set by the manufacturer.

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Slot machines give players the illusion of power because many people believe in the power of luck. I think you must believe in luck to experience luck.

So, how do so many people win on slot machines without their lucky banana in their pocket?

9 – Only the Elderly Can Enjoy Slots

The idea that slot machines are somehow only for dinner at 4 pm crowd is incredible.

Slot machines can provide hours of entertainment and excitement for gamblers of all ages.

The massive influx of slot machines that incorporate pop culture references and other popular cultural icons has opened the slot machines to a younger demographic.

Walk into any casino, and you’ll see a much younger crowd around the slots bank than you expect.

10 – The Slot Machines Go Cold

Slot machines go cold in the same regard as they can get hot. Still, you’ll find rooms full of gamblers blaming their losing streak on cold machines.

When I hear about a slot machine going cold, I immediately think of poor bankroll management.

Usually, either a player gets some decent wins early and chooses to stay longer than they should or merely vary their bet size greatly.

Either result in the same thing; the player loses it all and blames the machine for going cold.

Our Conclusions About These Slot Machine Myths

Taking a long look at the 10 common slot machine misconceptions debunked could drastically improve your real money slot machine gaming.

The only thing more dangerous than an uninformed casino gambler is a misinformed casino gambler. Stick to the basics! Just head to the casino for fun, not for profit.