The 10 Biggest Bets on Super Bowl 54

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The Super Bowl is the most-watched television even in the United States each and every year. In fact, the Super Bowl accounts for 19 of the 20 most-watched TV programs in the history of the US. The only exception was the series finale of MASH, which aired in February of 1983. Super Bowl 49 between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks, which took place in 2015, accrued a record 114,442,000 viewers.

While viewership was way down for Super Bowl 53 between the Patriots and Los Angeles Rams last February, it still ranks as the 12th most-watched program ever. So, even when Super Bowl ratings are down, they still crush the competition on a yearly basis.

The Super Bowl is also the most popular sporting event from a betting perspective in the US every year. This year’s game between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs is expected to set a new record on that front.

A survey conducted by the American Gaming Association revealed that over 26 million Americans will bet on Super Bowl 54 in some form or fashion, with nearly $7 billion expected to be wagered on the game.

We can expect new Super Bowl betting records to be set in the years to come with the way sports betting is forcing its way into the American mainstream. 14 states currently accept sports bets, and more are set to follow suit in the months and years to come. Sports betting has exploded in the US since the Supreme Court made it legal for states to offer legal sports betting in May of 2018.

Massive bets on Super Bowl 2020 keep coming in. The following are the 10 biggest Super Bowl 54 bets on Chiefs-49ers as of Thursday afternoon.

10. $110,000 on Over 52.5 Points (Westgate Las Vegas)

It’s safe to say the over has been the most popular bet at this year’s Super Bowl. Oddsmakers initially set the over/under for the game at 51 points, but the betting public has been hammering the over ever since. That has caused land-based sportsbooks and Super Bowl betting sites to keep raising the number.

The over/under as of this writing is set at 54 points. A whopping 85 percent of all money wagered on the total has come in on the over, so the increased number hasn’t led to a whole lot of interest in the under. One well-timed bettor was able to get the over on 52.5 points at the Westgate SuperBook in Las Vegas just a few hours after odds went live.

This bettor slapped $110,000 on the 49ers and Chiefs combining to score at least 53 points in Super Bowl 54 at -110 odds. If the over hits, that bettor will net another $99,990.

9. $115,000 on Chiefs Moneyline (Rampart Casino Las Vegas)

Most sportsbooks labeled Super Bowl 2020 as a pick’em immediately after the matchup was set back on January 19. However, massive amounts of money instantly came in on Kansas City to win the game, which caused oddsmakers to shift their strategy. Ever since, the Chiefs have been listed as slight favorites to win. Most betting sites currently have Kansas City as a 1-point favorite.

Chiefs Patrick Mahomes, Rampart Casino in Las Vegas

The game having such a tight spread means the moneylines are attractive options. You can get the 49ers as plus-money underdogs, but the Chiefs’ ML is still a very alluring bet. One bettor at the Rampart Casino in Las Vegas threw down $115,000 on the Chiefs to win the game outright at -115 odds. If Kansas City wins, the bettor will earn a profit of $10,005.

8. $120,000 on Chiefs -1 (CG Technology Sportsbook Las Vegas)

The Chiefs own the best against-the-spread record in the NFL this season. Kansas City has gone 12-5-1 ATS, playoffs included. That’s a cover percentage north of 70 percent, which is certainly hard to beat. For the sake of comparison, the 49ers are 11-6-1 ATS, which is the fourth-best mark and a cover percentage of 64.7 percent. So, something has to give in Super Bowl 54.

The Chiefs winning the game by exactly a point would obviously be a push. However, 3 of the 10 biggest Super Bowl 54 bets have come in on KC to win by at least 2 points. This CG Technology bettor would earn $109,080 in profit if the Chiefs cover the spread.

7. $120,000 on 49ers Moneyline (Rampart Casino Las Vegas)

I am guessing this bettor is not the same Rampart Casino patron that wagered $115,000 on the Chiefs’ -115 moneyline. Both Super Bowl bets came in last Friday, but this bettor is a bit more optimistic. San Francisco finished the season 13-3 overall, which is slightly better than the Chiefs’ 12-4 regular season mark.

While the other bettor took the Chiefs’ slightly safer -115 odds, this one is taking a shot on the underdog 49ers at +120 on the moneyline. This bet offers way more profit potential, of course. If the bet hits, the bettor will earn a hefty profit of $144,000 on top of his or her $120,000 initial wager.

6. $150,000 on Chiefs Moneyline (MGM Sportsbook Las Vegas)

While the other bettor that took a shot on the Kansas City moneyline got decent -115 odds, this bettor that threw down $150,000 on the Chiefs at the MGM Grand and got -125.

MGM Grand Las Vegas

Of course, a wager this large is still going to offer a solid payout, even at minus odds. If Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid and co. are able to lead the Chiefs to the franchise’s first-ever Super Bowl title, this better will still earn another $120,000 on top of their initial risk.

5. $187,000 on the 49ers Moneyline (Hollywood Casino West Virginia)

Here we have our first high-risk bet to come down outside of Las Vegas. One bettor at the Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races in West Virginia put a hefty sum of $187,000 on the underdog 49ers to win the game as plus-money ‘dogs.

The odds aren’t as favorable (+107) as the moneyline odds our aforementioned Rampart Casino bettor got (+120), but plus-money is plus-money. If San Francisco wins its sixth Lombardi Trophy on Sunday, this West Virginia resident will pocket a cool $200,090.

4. $200,000 on Chiefs -1 (MGM Sportsbook Las Vegas)

A 1-point spread isn’t a pick’em, but it might as well be. One of the good things about prognosticators expecting Super Bowl 2020 to be a tight game is that you can really feel decent about whichever Super Bowl 54 betting wagers you make.

Sure, it will make the final result a lot more gutting if you come up on the wrong side of things, but there isn’t much more risk in betting Chiefs -1 than there is in betting the 49ers as 1-point underdogs.

This MGM bettor in Vegas is the first on our list to crack the $200,000 threshold. If the Chiefs win by at least 2, this guy or gal will take home a profit of $181,800 on top of the $200,000 risk at KC’s -110 odds.

3. $550,000 on Chiefs -1 (Bellagio Las Vegas)

Now we’re talking. I would imagine you have to be pretty confident to be willing to risk nearly half a million dollars on anything, let alone something as unpredictable as Super Bowl 54. The betting public is basically split on what is going to happen on Super Bowl Sunday. 53 percent of the money has come in on the Chiefs to cover the 1-point spread, while 47 percent is on the 49ers.

Las Vegas Bellagio Casino

A lot of that money is coming from this Bellagio patron, who slapped $550,000 on Kansas City to take care of business. If the Chiefs get the job done, this person will bank $499,950.

2. $684,000 on 49ers +2 (DraftKings Sportsbook New Jersey)

The Chiefs have been 1-point favorites for the majority of the last couple of weeks, but some sportsbooks took so many Super Bowl 54 betting wagers on KC that they had no choice but to push the spread even further. The DraftKings Sportsbook in New Jersey had the 49ers as 2-point underdogs at times earlier this week.

One bettor is trying to capitalize on the opportunity. They got -114 odds on San Francisco to cover the 2-point spread, which obviously offers a bit more leeway than the +1 number we’re seeing just about everywhere else. If the Niners do cover, this risk-tolerant bettor will profit $599,868.

1. $1 Million on 49ers Moneyline (MGM Mirage Las Vegas)

As of now, we have just one bettor on record that has been willing to risk at least $1 million on a single Super Bowl 54 bet. As it turns out, you’ve probably heard of him if you have been keeping up with betting news over the past few months. Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale, the Houston-based furniture salesman that made headlines for betting around $11 million on his hometown Astros to win the World Series last fall, is the person putting $1 million on San Francisco to win the Super Bowl outright.

Mirage Casinos in Las Vegas

Mattress Mack also placed two separate Super Bowl bets worth $500,000 apiece on the Titans to beat the Chiefs as underdogs in the AFC Championship Game. The Chiefs beat the Houston Texans in the AFC Divisional Round, so perhaps that’s what has caused Mattress Mack to take such an anti-Chiefs stance over the past few weeks. His other recent bets obviously haven’t gone well, but if he hits on the 49ers’ moneyline at +120, McIngvale will win an extra $1,200,000.