10 Attractions Surrounding FireLake Casino

Firelake Casino Logo Over Two Local Attractions

FireLake Casino is one of a few casinos in Pottawatomie County, and we’ll touch on each of them in the following sections. However, you can venture to the area for more than just a basic casino tour, and we’ll talk about them in today’s post.

We’ll find a few interesting landmarks in the area, so if you’re into nature and historical buildings, you’ll love all of what Shawnee and the surrounding areas bring. In short, when you venture to FireLake Casino or to the area, you’re in for so much more than a simple visit. Even in Frontier Country.

So, go ahead and read through the following sections and odds are, you’ll find a few more casinos to frequent along with hot attractions at every turn.

Ready to see what’s on the inside? Let’s start with one of the area’s hottest attractions, and it’s a short walk away.

1 – Grand Casino Hotel & Resort

Starting our tour of the area, Grand Casino Hotel & Resort is the premier casino in the Shawnee area and it dwarfs FireLake. Not that FireLake doesn’t hold its own with 700 slot machines, a sweet dining and drink option, and stellar promotions.

But Grand Casino Resort features even more ways to win via the slots, a rabid poker room, and table gaming. If you’re looking for more than just electronic games in the area, Grand Casino Resort is where you will find them.

They also offer seven dining options along with a few full-service bars, giving you impeccable variety during your stay in the area. Speaking of extended stays, check out their hotel. Not only are you staying right in the thick of things, but FireLake Casino is just a short walk away.

2 – Historic Downtown

Historic Downtown Shawnee continues to serve as the perfect model of westward expansion here in the 21st century. Before Americans migrated West, you often saw everything organized around a town square. Shawnee, and other Western cities, changed that.

Over the years, Historic Downtown made significant contributions to the city’s economy. From the railroad industry to retail, oil, entertainment centers, and convention halls, the district had a bit of everything.

Historic Downtown Shawnee Oklahoma

Much has changed, and of course, many of those old buildings are gone. However, when you take a break from the gaming floor at FireLake Casino or one of the surrounding gaming destinations, set off for Historic Downtown, where their remnants remain.

If you’re one for historical buildings or architecture, it’s a must to make at least one trip.

3 – The Black Hawk Casino

The Black Hawk Casino is yet another popular gaming destination in the area. You won’t find table games, but they offer an outstanding selection of electronic games that will keep you busy for hours.

So, if things have dried out over at FireLake Casino and you’re not big on the crowds that Grand Casino Resort will draw, check out the Black Hawk Casino. They feature a wide variety of games, a high limit area, wide area and local progressives, plus classic and modern titles.

Along with a solid selection of casino games, One River Restaurant serves all of your dining needs. Open Sunday through Thursday from 11 am until 10 pm, and Friday and Saturday from 11 am until 12 am, they’re always serving up specialty lunches and dinners.

4 – Old Benson Park Site

Between Shawnee and Tecumseh, you’ll stumble upon Benson Park. A park that served residents in the area for two decades in the early 1900s, it’s a great place to frequent if you’re looking to add recreation to your vacation itinerary.

Today, what used to be the park sits on private property and is now a peach orchard. But it’s always an interesting place to drive by and imagine what the park looked like during its golden era when it held a lake, boating house, skating rink, roller coaster, opera house, a swimming pool, and picnic areas.

Picture of Old Benson Park Shawnee Oklahoma

And if you’re looking for a true visual, embark on a scavenger hunt in Shawnee and the surrounding areas for a postcard that should have a photo or a painting of what the park looked like before its closure in 1930.

The old site is a great attraction when you’re driving to Shawnee, and it’s even sweeter if you can get your hands on an actual photo. Now that makes for an incredible souvenir.

5 – Kickapoo Casinos

If you’ve had enough gaming at FireLake Casino and you’re looking for a break from the crowd, venture to either Kickapoo Casino Shawnee or its nearby Harrah location and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

These casinos are the smallest on today’s list, which makes them attractive when you’re craving an intimate setting.

As you may expect, you won’t find any table gaming or poker rooms here, but they offer multiple-denomination slots featuring classic and modern themes.

There is only one dining option between the two, so you’re better off eating either at FireLake or Grand Casino Resort before heading over. So, if you’re cool with fewer options, but in turn fewer crowds, the Kickapoo Casinos is where it’s at.

6 – Shawnee Little Theater

Of course, when you venture to FireLake Casino or the nearby Grand Casino Resort, you’ll find a few hot entertainment options. But if you’re craving something unique, look no further than Shawnee Little Theater.

Here, in a partnership with Oklahoma Baptist University, you can watch seasons’ worth of theater programs featuring some of the most dynamic local talent.

Empty Seats

No, the atmosphere won’t match the world-class acts at the casinos, but for upcoming theater talent, it’s worth the trip—especially if you identify as a theater enthusiast.

7 – Briscoe Boy Scout Park

Briscoe is a park to frequent if you’re looking for outdoor activities. You’ll find the park where East Main Street meets Pesotum Street.

Within its premises resides a splash pad, two basketball and tennis courts, a playground, picnic tables, grills, and even a walking track.

Coming to this park is also a great way to immerse yourself in the calm, Oklahoma scenery after an adrenaline-filled day at the casino.

8 – Sac and Fox Casino

Much like Black Hawk Casino, Sac and Fox Casino offers a wide range of slot machines featuring wide area and local progressive slots, classic titles through IGT and WMS, along with modern gaming themes.

If you’re looking to travel beyond Shawnee’s perimeter, odds are, you’ll run into Sac and Fox Casino—especially if you travel to venture into Stroud, Oklahoma, which serves as the casino’s location.

Sac And Fox Casino Front Entrance

You’ll also find a cafe-style restaurant within the premises called the Sac and Fox Grill. Regardless of when you need a food or drink break from the casino gaming, you’ll find specialties within the restaurant during its posted hours, starting at 11 am daily.

Like the Black Hawk Casino, Sac and Fox has its own lineup of promotions and even an outstanding loyalty program. So, if you make return trips to the area and you like what you saw at Sac and Fox, consider signing up.

9 – Red Bud Park

You’ll find it at the intersection of Beard and Dill, and it’s now going on 100 years of serving the community. Built after the Shawnee Creek Flood of 1928, the park now features a drainage ditch, so you won’t need to worry too much about rising waters unless there’s a monsoon going on.

However, you’re in for illustrious views of the area, along with a solid selection of playground equipment if you’re looking to keep the kids entertained.

It’s not the largest park, but a good one to frequent when you’re looking to get outside for a few hours, especially when afternoon fades into dusk.

10 – Health and Wellness Centers

So, you’ve been traveling around the area, playing at different casinos and checking out some of the finer attractions on today’s list.

But if you’re someone who must at least carve some time between the gaming at FireLake Casino and traveling the area, don’t panic. Shawnee has a good number of health and wellness centers.

FireLake Fitness Center is perhaps the most popular, and it’s operated by the Citizen Potawatomi Nation. You’ll also find the Troy and Dollie Smith YMCA, along with the Recreation and Wellness Center at Oklahoma Baptist University.

While you’ll also find a few good places in the area to walk, run, and get those calories burning, if you just can’t go for more than a few days without seeing the weights, consider one of the above fitness centers once you’re finished with the day’s activities or before you begin.

Our Conclusion on the Shawnee, Oklahoma Area

FireLake Casino is one of a few outstanding casinos in and around the Shawnee, Oklahoma, area. But they’re not the only attractions to get excited about. You’re getting a lot of history and nature here, so if those are your fortes, definitely take at least a day off from gaming to explore.

A mid-sized town, the above is just a handful of things to do in Shawnee, so don’t limit just the above list to your vacation itinerary. There is a lot to do in this town.

Have you been to FireLake Casino? If so, tell us about your experience there and let us know if you played at any of the other area casinos on today’s list. We’re looking forward to reading your stories.