10 Absolute Must-Haves for the Casino You Choose

Man Giving Thumbs-up With a Casino Logo on Right

Casino gambling has changed significantly over the years. The casinos were once focused solely on gambling, which was all many guests were concerned with on their visits.

However, today’s casino guest is looking for more than some games to occupy their time. Many casino gamblers are bringing non-gamblers and even their families.

So, casinos need to offer plenty of excellent amenities and extras. You may be one of the casino gamblers who is purely focused on the games. In that case, there are still some areas of the casino that you shouldn’t overlook before your trip.

The most minor things often make the most significant difference between an excellent casino experience and an absolute nightmare. Here are 10 absolute must-haves for the casino you choose.

1 – A Top Tier Loyalty Program

One of the first things most savvy gamblers look for when shopping casinos is loyalty programs. The VIP, Player’s Club, or whatever a particular casino chooses to call its loyalty rewards can make a tremendous impact on your total casino experience.

The casino you pick will give you gifts and comps based on how much you’re gambling in the casino. These casino rewards can go a long way in helping you trim costs related to the expense of taking future casino trips.

Many of the comps you earn can be used to enhance the trip you’re currently enjoying. Gifts like free meals or free tickets to a show may seem like a relatively small gift.

But if you save $150 on dinner and a show, that’s an extra $150 you can repurpose from your entertainment or meals budget to other areas.

2 – Gambling Freebies Like Wi-Fi and Beverage Service

The casino comps you earn shouldn’t be the only casino freebies you’re looking for in a casino. You’ll also want additional perks that are open to anyone that’s gambling or just visiting the casino.

Parking is a significant area of a casino trip that many gamblers never consider until it’s too late. Yet, parking can go over $20 per day at many of the popular casino resorts around the country.

The most significant selling point for me when it comes to complementary services provided by a casino is free Wi-Fi. I’ve lost reliable cell phone reception in a casino more than once, making it nearly impossible to communicate with friends.

Then there are the complimentary drinks while you’re gambling. Many people, including myself, see the enormous value a casino offers by offering free drinks for its players.

However, it’s critical that you don’t cross the line and become a poor decision-maker.

Look for the free services offered by the casino. Note that merely because it’s billed as “complementary” doesn’t mean the casino won’t try to sneak in a resort fee.

3 – A Huge Variety of Games

For all intents and purposes, we all go to the casino for one thing: gambling. Yet, we all have vastly different approaches to casino gambling and our own unique preferences.

So, it’s vital that you select a casino with a great selection of games. You may be dead set on trying a particular game for your entire visit; that’s a solid strategy.

Split Image of Four Casino Games

When I head to the casino, I know exactly what I’ll be playing for the duration of my visit. However, you could get to the casino and find the game has poor rules.

When you’re traveling with others, a wide variety of games will keep them out of your hair. I’ve cut many casino visits short because a friend was bored, not a great way to end a session.

4 – A Fun-Loving Atmosphere

Primarily, people visit casinos to have fun and be entertained. I can’t stress the importance of finding a casino that promotes a fun-loving atmosphere while keeping things friendly.

I’ve been to countless casinos all over the planet, and not all of those have been good experiences. I’ve witnessed numerous fights, drinks being thrown, and even weapons being brandished.

Some of this can be geographical, but the clientele at the casino you choose will have a direct impact on your enjoyment. Look for a casino with a solid reputation, and you should be good for your trip.

5 – A Lively Poker Room

A casino’s poker room will tell you a lot about how the casino operates. One of the major reasons a casino poker room is vital goes straight to the game itself.

Poker is one of a select few games in a casino where players don’t have to overcome a house edge to make a profit. All you need to accomplish is beating the other players.

How do you do that?

You win by being a better-skilled player than your competition. Poker is skill-based, which means the more skilled players will have a long-term advantage.

If you spend a suitable amount of quality time studying the game and practicing poker online, you can head into the poker room and be more advanced than many of the other players. That makes poker one of the best games in the casino to me.

You’ll need to watch out for the sharks though, they’ll treat all of the fish from big to small with a similar merciless approach.

6 – The Best Rules on Table Games

Many of you probably prefer to hit the table games when you visit the casino. Popular choices like roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and craps all provide an exciting venue to enjoy your time in the casino.

The newer poker derivative games are also becoming increasingly popular, and many have a relatively low house edge for players.

Sadly, not all of the games will be anywhere near what you expect upon closer inspection. Casinos use the rules on a game to manipulate the house edge, and it’s almost exclusively in the house’s favor.

That makes things more challenging for the average gambler because they may not understand how the rules are working against them. You’ll have to learn more about the games you play and understand how the rules may be affecting your bankroll.

Then you’ll be able to find the games with the best rules. I’ve entirely boycotted casinos for implementing a 6 to 5 payout in blackjack.

7 – A Friendly and Professional Staff

Odds are that everything will go swimmingly on your casino vacation, but things happen. Should something go wrong, you’ll want a friendly and professional staff to work with you towards a resolution.

You’ll also want friendly dealers at the tables. Many gamblers fail to account for the impact dealers can have on your experience in the casino.

Casino Slot Machines, Man Wearing Suit, Arms Folded

I’ve played games where the dealer didn’t say more than two words that didn’t pertain to the game. That created a cold, sterile environment where a player almost felt like a burden.

I’ve also played blackjack against dealers that took things personally, up to the point of cursing under their breath when a player would win. I don’t know what that lady had going on at home, but I hope she got it sorted out.

Casinos are first and foremost entertainment venues; the staff should always be courteous and willing to help guests. Most casinos you’ll want to visit have exceptional customer service and make guests feel welcome and valued.

8 – Security That Will Make You Feel Safe

Whether we know it or not, we’re reasonably vulnerable when we’re gambling in a casino. We are dealing with piles of cash, usually having a few drinks, and are faced with a constant bombardment of distractions.

So, it’s vital that you find a casino that places a premium on security. The security at the casino you choose should start in the parking lot and extend to your room, covering all spaces in between.

Feeling secure in the casino will free you up to have the maximum amount of fun in the casino. You’ll also be far less likely to run into any issues during your visit.

9 – Highest RTP on Slot Machines

Slot machine RTP or return to player is going to affect most casino gamblers. That’s due to the immense popularity of the games.

The return to the player is the percentage of money paid into a slot machine that is paid back to the players. In other words, it creates the house’s edge.

Slot machines have a tremendous amount of variance when it comes to the RTP. The most popular penny slots have the worst RTP at below 90%, and as the denominations increase, the RTP usually follows.

Do as much preemptive research as you possibly can online to ensure that the casino you’re leaning to will have the highest RTP available. This will help your gambling bankroll stretch as thin as possible without breaking.

10 – Tons of Added Amenities for Gamblers and Non-Gamblers

I mentioned earlier how casinos are taking incredible strides in catering to their non-gambling guests and adding entertainment options for gamblers.

When you’re going through the extensive process of finding the perfect casino resort for your upcoming trip, it’s imperative that you ensure the casino offers plenty outside the casino floor.

Dining options, posh spa amenities, golf courses, boutique shopping choices, and first-class entertainment are a few of the areas you should focus on.

In Summary

Depending on your expectations, it may be challenging to know you’ve made the perfect choice for a casino. However, it will be painfully apparent if the casino doesn’t meet your standards.

Covering all the bases on the 10 absolute must-haves for the casino you choose will ensure that you have a pleasant trip.