Rockstar Slots

Rockstar SlotsRockstar is a Betsoft online slots game with a rockin’ theme and amazing graphics. The intro to the game takes the player to a concert, where they see thousands of people in an audience, getting ready to rock. The band will first appear to be backstage, then they will make their way onto the stage. Finally, they will start playing rock and roll music for their fans. Great music will continue to play throughout the game. Rockstar is a 5 reel slot that also has 30 lines and gives players the chance to enjoy some fun bonus rounds.

This article will do a good job of outlining many things about the Rockstar game that players will want to know about when they go to play it. It will cover the design, the coins, the jackpots, the bonus rounds and other important features that come together to make a fabulous game.

How to Play the Rockstar Slot

In this game, the reels take up the center part of the screen and there are different colored stage lights that flash along the top portion of the game. Speakers, drums and guitars are situated along the bottom portion. Players can change the coin size by clicking on the choose coin option in the lower left corner of the game. The bet per line and spin buttons are located on guitar handles, and the select lines option is between the two guitars. The max bet spin option is on a drum in the right corner. The sound control option and autoplay are in the upper left corner of the game and the view pays option is in the upper right corner. Symbols used in winning combinations will come out from the reels to display awesome animations and after a big win, the band may slide out to the front of the stage to play for a short bit.

The denominations on this game are $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25 and $0.50. On Rockstar, players can activate anywhere from 1 to all 30 paylines each spin. They can also wager anywhere from just 1 to a total of 5 coins per payline, per spin. The maximum bet is 150 credits per spin.

The record contract symbol will pay out 100 for 5 at the max bet, the Rockstar magazine pays out 150, the bottle of booze pays out 200, the Rolling Stone magazine pays out 250, the female pays out 300, the rocker with the beard pays out 400, the rocker with the dark hair and bandana pays out 400, the rocker with the hat and hair in his face pays out 400 and the rocker with blonde hair pays out 500.

Rockstar Bonus Features

Getting at least three of the guitar symbols will trigger the solo feature, where the player will be given instant bonus credits.

Getting the wild platinum or gold record symbols on the reels will bring multipliers to increase the player’s wins. One gold record will offer a 2x multiplier. One platinum record will bring a 5x multiplier. Getting one of each will offer the player a multiplier of 10x, which can help create some nice payouts. These symbols also act as a regular wild symbol, replacing other symbols when doing so will create a winning combination for the player.

Getting at least three of the ticket symbols on the reels will activate the bonus round. In this round, the players will play the notes that make their way through the colored markers on the screen. This will earn them awards as they play along with the band members. This is a fun skill-based bonus where the rewards are earned when the player successfully clicks the correct notes at the right times, so it’s important to focus during this feature.


Rockstar is the perfect game for anyone who’s a true rocker at heart. While they get to play an exciting game with a theme they enjoy, they will also get to hear some great music playing in the background. In fact, many details in the design of this slots game will have players feeling as if they are at a concert. It is a game that’s best played on a computer with good speakers, so they can get true enjoyment out of those fantastic sound clips.

I had an excellent slots gaming experience on this game. It performed great for me and I was able to enjoy a lot of bonuses, some more than once. I also had good financial results by the time I logged off. As a big fan of rock music, the theme was a definite plus for me. In fact, the band actually reminded me one of my all-time favorite rock bands, Guns N’ Roses. Anyone who’s looking for a slots game with a musical theme should go ahead and give Rockstar a try, from start to finish, they will have an amazing time and may even win a lot of money on it.

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