Pinocchio Slots

Pinocchio SlotsPinocchio is one of Betsoft’s impressive 3D online slots games. The game is based off of Pinocchio, a well-known and much loved character with a history that dates as far back as 1883. In the slots game, Pinocchio and Geppeto both sit on the sides of the game, watch the reels spin and react to the outcome of those spins. Along with offering a flexible betting range and the opportunity for large wins, this game also has more than impressive graphics and very entertaining animations that take place throughout the base game, as well as during the bonus rounds. With 5 reels and multiple paylines, there’s a lot to enjoy with this game.

This article takes players through all aspects of the Pinocchio online slots game. This includes introducing players to its fantastic design, going over the denominations, discussing the payouts, and going over the bonuses in detail.

How to Play the Pinocchio Slot

The Pinocchio online slots game takes players into Gepetto’s workshop, where him and Pinocchio are hanging out and waiting for them to play the game. The reels are sitting in the center of the room and the paylines are numbered on stone pillars next to the reels. Max bet, spin, double up and autoplay buttons are all on the bottom right corner of the game screen. Then, detailed along the bottom left, the players will be able to choose the coin sizes, the number of paylines in play and the bets per line. There are gaming options available, such as the ability to change the graphic quality and turn the sound on and off. The button to access these options is in the upper left corner. Players can view the paytable by clicking on the view pays option in the upper right corner of the screen.

The coin selection on this game includes $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50 and $1.00. Players can activate a number of paylines starting at 1 and going up to 15, activating the odd paylines only. Players can also play anywhere from 1 up to 5 coins per payline, per spin.

The symbols in the game consist of both high ranking card symbols, and ones that help to tell Pinocchio’s story. As far as the high ranking card symbols go, the 10s, Jacks and Queens all pay out 300 for 5 and the Kings and Aces pay out 500 for 5. When it comes to the other symbols, the clock pays out 750 for 5, the wood carving pays out 750, the sign pays out 1000, the cage pays out 1000 and Pinocchio pays out 2500. In the base game, Gepetto is the scatter that pays out 750 for 3. In the secondary game, the stack of books and the stage wagon are scatters that pay out 750 for 3.

Pinocchio Bonus Features

Players can try to double up their winnings by opting to participate in the heads or tails style double up feature.

When Gepetto lands on the center reel it will cause the wild scroll feature to be triggered. In this feature, the wild scroll will move one symbol to the left and re-spin for free, until it falls off the screen. It is possible for more than one of these to show up at a time.

There is a real boy feature that can be activated by collecting 5 of the real boy symbols during any game mode. In this feature, wood boys become real and they become wild. These wilds replace all others, except for the three different scatter symbols and these are the stage wagon, the stack of books and the Gepetto symbols.

The base game is the workshop level and in this level there are two meters; a stage meter on the left side and the school book meter on the right side. As these symbols show up on the reels, the meters will fill up until they activate the classroom or puppet show features.

In the class feature, players will be given 8 free spins. However, the free spins counter will only count them when a free spin doesn’t result in a win. When the book symbol shows up on the first, third or fifth reels, it turns wild and will move down the reels, acting as a wild the entire time, bringing another free re-spin as it moves.

In the puppet show feature, the player will also be given 8 free spins that only get counted when they don’t result in wins. When a wagon symbol comes on the center reel, the entire reel will become wild and it will remain wild while 5 free re-spins happen.

There is also a fairy re-spins feature that can come up if the player is denied a 5x win. A sparkly fairy can show up and re-spin the reels, offering the player another chance to win.


One of the very first things that stands out about the Pinocchio slots game is the fantastic animations it offers. I had a great time watching the symbols change to some of these animations at the appearance of a win, or during the special features. Gepetto and Pinocchio both respond to the reels in amusing ways, as well. Gepetto can be seen juggling at times, or throwing his fist in the air in a congratulatory manner. Pinocchio is often seen jumping up and down when he gets excited.

There are a lot of bonus rounds and special features offered in the game that provide players with many more chances to win, besides the ones that come around on the reels. Pinocchio is a great game for players who like realistic games.

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