Lucky Seven Slots

Lucky Seven SlotsBetsoft is known for offering 3D video slots with intense storylines, realistic graphics and plenty of interactive bonus rounds. However, it can also offer toned down games that cater to players looking for the chance to play something they may feel more comfortable and familiar with. Lucky Seven is a great example of one of the more basic Betsoft games that still has huge potential and will please many players. The very first thing players will notice is that this classic-style game gives them two different options with regards to how they view it. They can view it in the mode that has just the reels, or the mode where they see the entire game, including the paytable. This game gives players the chance to win up to $5,000.

This article will serve as a complete review of Lucky Seven. It will discuss the game’s design, the coins, jackpots, special features and anything else players will find relevant to the gaming experience when playing it.

How to Play the Lucky Seven Slot

First thing when the game loads onto the player’s screen, they will be asked to choose how they want to view it. There are two options and clicking one of them will take them to the game in that view. The buttons and player options will still be in the same place, no matter which view the player is playing the game in. If the player decides they want to switch the view of the game, they can do so at any time by clicking on the change view icon that’s up in the far right hand corner of the screen.

This game is a classic slots game and all the gaming buttons are along the bottom portion of the screen and they are laid out in the same manner as they would be on a slots game located in an actual land based casino. These buttons include the pay table, bet one, spin reels and max bet buttons, in that order. The right hand side of the screen is where the players can view the amount of their credits, winnings and credits played. This game contains the symbols often seen in the classic slots, including 7s, cherries and bars.

If the player is playing the game in the gaming view that depicts the entire game, then they will be able to see the paytable during the game. The primary colors of the game include blue, red and yellow. The paytable on the top portion of the screen will clearly show players what the payouts will be for the symbols, whether they have bet one coin, two coins or three coins.

The denominations on Lucky Seven include $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50 and $1.00. This slots game has only one single payline and the max amount a player can wager on it per spin is three coins. This makes the max bet on the game $3.00 per spin. The top win on this slots game is worth 5,000.

When betting 3 coins, one cherry will pay out 6 when the max bet is placed, any bar will pay out 9, two cherries will pay out 30, three bars will pay out 60, three red bars will pay out 150, three blue bars will pay out 300, three cherries pays out 450, three lucky 7s pays out 750, and three 7s will pay out 5,000.

Lucky Seven Special Features

Lucky Seven doesn’t have any bonuses or special features; it is a straight forward classic slots game. This makes it a good game for players who want to play a classic game that’s been put out by a trusted and reliable online slots developer, such as Betsoft.


Lucky Seven is a simple classic online slots game, but it is also designed in a way that allows players to have a fantastic time on it. The traditional 7s, cherries and bars look is one that tends to be quite popular with a lot of players. The game buttons are all displayed in a no-nonsense way and the reels spin fast and come to a fast stop.

There are a lot of times when I find myself looking forward to going online to play a simple game. Sometimes, I just don’t want to play on a game that has a lot going on, especially if I have already had a hectic day at work. I just want to go on the computer and play a classic slot that I can zone out in front of. This is a nice game to turn to when I am in these moods. It is also budget friendly, yet has the potential to pay out a great win of 5,000. Anyone else looking for this type of game should be sure they give the Lucky Seven game, put out by Betsoft, a try.

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