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Hidden Loot SlotsSometimes there’s an online slots game that’s designed in such a different manner that it easily stands out from the rest. It will capture the attention of players right away and let them know that it’s going to provide them with a unique gaming experience. Betsoft is an industry leader when it comes to online slots games. They have earned a reputation for putting out quite a few unique slots games players love to play. The Hidden Loot game is a great example of these slots. It has 3 reels and 3 paylines, and this makes it great for players looking for a game that’s not as complex as many of the others. The theme revolves around the peg-legged captain and his search for treasure. The fun look of Hidden Loot makes it a real treasure to play.

This article will serve as a helpful review of the Hidden Loot online slots game. By reading the information provided here, players will get an up close view of everything it has in store for them. The design, the denominations, the payouts and the special features will all be gone over.

How to Play the Hidden Loot Slot

Hidden loot has a simpler design than many of the online slots games in the industry. This helps to make it a great fit for players who want to play without putting a lot of thought into the gaming experience. For example, a player just off work may want to enjoy the slots, but not have to worry about keeping up with an abundance of special features and second screen bonus rounds. This game is fantastic for them. It still has many fun features, but they aren’t overwhelming. Hidden Loot has a cartoonish design to it. The determined captain is located on the left side of the screen and he keeps tabs on what’s going on with the game. The totals for the game can be found on the bottom left of the gaming screen and the buttons are located directly under the reels. Each button is made to look like a barrel.

The game has 3 paylines, giving players some extra chances to win when they spin the reels. The denominations begin at just 0.02 and go up to .50. The player can bet as many as 5 coins per payline.

Although the Hidden Loot online slots game has a classic look to it, the game has unique symbols that are all relevant to the story being told on the screen. The yellow diamond will pay out 5 for 3 of them when betting the max, the blue diamond will pay out 15, the red diamond will pay out 25, the treasure chest will pay out 50, the ship will pay out 100 and the skull and swords will pay out 250.

Hidden Loot Bonus Features

The captain is the wild symbol in the Hidden Loot online slots game. It makes its way on the reels to replace all of the other symbols in the game. In many of the other slots games, there will be certain symbols excluded, ones that the wild can’t take the place of. This is not the case in Hidden loot. When the wild replaces other symbols, it does so with the purpose of helping the player with making more winning combinations.

There is also a bonus symbol in the Hidden Loot slots game. The bonus symbol is the one that’s designed to look like the game’s logo. Getting three of the bonus symbols can trigger the bonus feature. In this feature, the captain will dig a hole on the beach and disappear in the underground caverns. The player will help him search for the gems that have been buried down there. The player will use their computer’s arrow keys on the keyboard. The goal is to collect 10 of the rubies within the provided amount of time. As the player helps the captain meet the goals, they will work up to higher levels where the prizes become larger.


The Hidden Loot online slots game is a fun one that allows players to enjoy a variety of special features in a simple design. It also gives them the ability to enjoy their gaming experience in a reliable gaming atmosphere, due to the fact that it runs on Betsoft software. The cartoon graphics go great with the amusing theme.

I had a lot of fun playing the Hidden Loot online slots game. I usually prefer to spend my time playing the games that have 5 reels and many paylines, but this one was a nice one to spend my time on for a change. The game was affordable, so I was able to play it for quite a while. Also, it did a good job of giving me a steady flow of payouts along the way. I can see myself playing Hidden Loot again in the future.