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Good Girl Bad Girl
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Good Girl Bad Girl SlotsBetsoft’s Good Girl Bad Girl is an impressive online slots game that has a look to it that will appeal to many types of players. The game is a great example of why Betsoft slots are some of the most popular on the Internet. The first thing players will notice about this game is it has what could be referred to as a split design. The left half of the screen is devoted to the good girl and the right side is devoted to the bad girl. This game is loaded full of unique features, such as having the ability to play in different modes.

This article will go over the Good Girl Bad Girl online slots game in a way that explains it fully to anyone interested in playing it. The design, the denominations, the payouts, the bonus rounds and the other special features will all be discussed at length.

How to Play the Good Girl Bad Girl Slot

The Good Girl Bad Girl online slots game welcomes players with a fantastic look that’s full of stunning graphics and animations. The background of the game shows what can be best explained as the stairway to heaven on the left and hell on the right. There is an angel hovering above the ground on heavens side and a devil girl hovering above the ground on hells side. Players can choose to play this game in good mode, bad mode or both modes at once. Players can choose the modes by using the buttons located in the center of the screen on the bottom. The gaming totals and buttons are all lined up along the bottom portion of the screen. The option button, jackpot totals and view pays button are all lined up along the top of the screen.

The number of paylines the game has makes it easier for players to get wins when they spin the reels. The denominations go from 0.02 up to 50. This makes the game an affordable one, but also offers players the chance to bet a larger amount if they choose to.

There are high ranking card symbols in Good Girl Bad Girl and they are the lower paying symbols in the game. The 10s pay out 45 for 5, the Jacks pay out 45, the Queens pay out 45, the Kings pay out 90 and the Aces pay out 90. The other symbols all come together to create a fantastic gaming environment loaded full of adventure. The cat with the huge smirk on his face pays out 180 for 5, the white rabbit pays out 180, the bad girl pays out 360 and the good girl pays out 360.

Good Girl Bad Girl Bonus Features

The pitchfork is the wild symbol in the bad girl mode. This symbol comes on the third, fourth and fifth reels to replace the other normal symbols in the game. It also works as a 1x to 4x multiplier. The halo is the wild symbol in the good girl mode. It also replaces the normal symbols when it comes on the reels. This wild can come on the first, second and third reels. It works as a 1x to 2x multiplier.

Getting the pitchfork and the halo symbols side by side can activate the game’s click me feature. In this feature, the players will select from gift boxes to reveal their prizes. In the good mode the gift boxes are white and gold, in the bad mode the gift boxes are red and black and when the player is playing in both modes, they get to choose which feature they want to go to.


The Good Girl Bad Girl online slots game is one that has such an entertaining look to it that most players will be surprised. It is definitely one that will get the attention of those who see it appear on their screen. In true Betsoft fashion, this game offers superb graphics and animations that help bring it to a whole other level. The reels spin fast, the animations move in a smooth and fluid manner and the special features load quickly. Just one more of the many great things about this game is the frequency in which the special features show up.

I was immediately impressed by the Good Girl Bad Girl online slots game the moment it came up on my screen. I have liked all the Betsoft games I have ever tried and this one was definitely no exception. In fact, I have to say it is one of them that I actually found to be the most exciting. I really liked the way the game was split up into two sides in a way that added so much more to it. I liked how the special features were offered and how much they showed up. I would suggest the Good Girl Bad Girl slots game to anyone looking for excitement from the online slots.