Ghouls Gold Slots

Ghouls Gold SlotsGhouls Gold is a unique online slots game run on Betsoft software. Betsoft is one of the most popular online casino software providers out there. Betsoft’s ability to put out games with creative designs and amazing graphics are just a couple of reasons for this popularity. Ghouls Gold has one of those different looking designs to it and while it may seem to be a simple game at first, it actually does have a lot going on. Ghouls Gold has a fun theme that’s reminiscent of the Ghostbuster movies, which were blockbuster hits. The ghosts on this game have a comical design to them that makes them look anything but threatening.

The article here will help to give players a better idea of all this game has to offer. The design will be described, the denominations will be gone over and the payouts will be covered. The bonus rounds will also be described in great depth. This will help players to know exactly what they can expect when they go to play Ghouls Gold.

How to Play the Ghouls Gold Slot

The background of Ghouls Gold has a middle-of-the-night look to it. The shadow of an eerie mansion can be seen in the distance with a full moon behind it. There are also freaky leafless trees adding to the haunted theme of the game. In front of the dark mansion is the comical looking ghost who is holding on to the games logo. The bet, win, balance and progressive jackpot totals are all displayed in the lower left corner of the gaming screen. The bet per line, bet max and spin buttons are all set in the lower right corner of the screen. The progressive jackpot totals are updated in real-time, so the total displayed is always going to be current.

The denominations players can choose from on Ghouls Gold include $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25 and $0.50. Players can bet as many as 5 coins per payline for a max bet of 15 coins.

When it comes to the payouts, the yellow 7 will pay out 1 for 3, the green 7 will pay out 3, the candle will pay out 5, the full moon with the bats pays out 10, the black pot of green goo pays out 20, the bag of gold will pay out 50 and the dark mansion pays out 100.

Ghouls Gold Bonus Feature

There is a wild symbol on Ghouls Gold and it comes in the form of the stack of gold coins with the word “Wild” written under it. This wild symbol will replace all the other symbols in the game to create more wins, except for the jackpot symbol.

The progressive jackpot on Ghouls Gold will take a small percentage of all the bets placed on the game across the network and add that percentage to the jackpot total. This allows the jackpot to continuously grow until someone wins it. At this point, the jackpot will be reset to a predetermined size and the process will start over again. In order to win the progressive on Ghouls Gold, the player will need to get three of the jackpot symbols. The jackpot symbol is a bag of gold with the word “Jackpot” written across it.

Getting three of the bonus round symbols will activate the bonus feature. The bonus round symbols are the ghosts with the words “Bonus Rounds” written below them. In this feature, the goal is for the player to catch flying ghosts as they float up the screen. If they aren’t caught by the time they reach the top, then they will disappear. As the player clicks on the ghosts, coins will be awarded. The ghosts will come in different colors and the colors each represent points. The best way for a player to approach this bonus round is to try to click on as many ghosts as possible, while trying to click on as many colors as possible.  The ghosts move fast, so players want to have their fingers ready to go at the start of the round.


Ghouls Gold is a fun slots game that has a look all its own. The fact that it has details that make it similar to a Ghostbusters movie theme will make it feel familiar to players who are also fans of the movies. It’s also a flexible game with a progressive jackpot.

I had a great time playing Ghouls Gold and I appreciated the lengths BetSoft went to in order to offer a unique slots game. I was surprised at just how much fun the bonus round was. The ghosts really do move fast, so you have to work at clicking on them before they go off the screen. Anyone looking for an exciting slots game with a ghostly design will want to be sure to give Ghouls Gold a try.

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