Frankenslot’s Monster Slots

Frankenslot’s Monster SlotsFrankenslot’s Monster is one of Betsoft’s fun and exciting video slots games. The theme is obvious by both then name and the entire look of the game. This game was just released in the spring of 2016, but it has already gathered a great reputation for itself at an impressive rate of speed. The 3D graphics, well-known storyline, wide betting range and special features all come together to create a 5 reel, 20 line game players won’t want to pass up the chance to enjoy.

Anyone wondering if they should play Frankenslot’s Monster should read this article. It will review the entire design and layout, the denominations, the payouts and the bonus features. This will allow players to get an in-depth feel for the kind of game they will be playing.

How to Play the Frankenslot’s Monster Slot

The reels sit in the middle of the lab, with the monster standing on the left of the reels and the mad scientist standing on the right of them. The monster is strapped to a mattress, but this doesn’t stop him from doing his fair share of moving around while players spin the reels. During the game, he can be seen waving, smiling, dancing to the music, watching the reels and reacting to certain outcomes. The mad scientist also reacts to the spins in his own way. The choose coin and pay per line options are on the bottom left corner of the game screen and the max bet, spin, double up and autoplay buttons are on the bottom right corner. Gaming options can be accessed through the button in the upper left corner and the paytable can be viewed through the view pays button in the upper right corner.

Frankenslot’s Monster has coin values that include $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50 and $1.00. All 20 paylines do need to be played per spin and this makes the minimum bet $0.40. The maximum bet per spin is $100.00. Getting 5 wild symbols will payout a big win of 5000.

All the symbols in Frankenslot’s Monster help to tell the story, while giving players the chance to see wins. The high ranking card symbols pay out the lowest, and even they tend to be quite generous. The 10s pay out 100 for 5, the Jacks pay out 200, the Queens pay out 300, the Kings pay out 400 and the Aces pay out 500. The electrifying light pays out 750 for 5, the eyeball in a jar pays out 1000, the full moon hiding behind dark clouds pays out 1500, the mad scientist pays out 2000 and the monster pays out 2500. Getting 5 of the wild symbols pays out 5000.

Frankenslot’s Monster Bonus Features

The wild symbol is appropriately marked and it will replace all of the other symbols in the game, with the exception of the bonus and scatter symbols.

A fun little feature that this game has is the Gamble Feature. This feature is simple to use and it comes up as an option after every win. After a player wins, they can click on the double up button which causes the gamble feature to appear. They can then choose to gamble 50% or 100% of their win in a heads or tails match. They will select heads or tails, the coin will flip and they will either win or lose.

When three or more scatter symbols come up, they will activate the free spins feature. Three scatters will bring 8 free spins. Wild symbols also show up during the free spins to offer players even more chances to win.

Getting three of the bonus symbols will activate the bonus round. When it is activated, a second screen will open and players will see the monster strapped to a vertical bench. They will hit a pull button to shock the monster. Sparks will shoot across the screen and the monster may make animal sounds. The player will earn an award for their help and it can be as large as 25x.


Frankenslot’s Monster is full of a lot of entertaining special touches and extra features that create a very enjoyable slots gaming environment. The sounds also help to bring everything together; the background music is both eerie and fun at the same time. Different sounds and music will play when wins are achieved and special features are activated. Each time the monster is shocked, the sounds of electricity will also buzz out of the player’s speakers.

Not only is this game exciting, but it also performs well. Although the gamble feature is a great option to have available, players should be careful when they use it. It can cause them to lose a whole lot of money instantly. Since the feature can be played more than once, it can be easy to get wrapped up in it and play until you end up losing. This game is definitely one players should put on their list of must-play slots.

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