Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Slots

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde SlotsBetsoft’s online video slots game appropriately titled Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is based off the novel that was originally published in the late 1800’s. The popularity of the novel caused the story of the nutty scientist and the monster to become the storyline for movies, plays and this exciting game. Keeping in true Betsoft form, the slot includes stunning and realistic 3D graphics and plenty of unique features. The interactive game also has a top payout that’s worth 480,000 credits.

In this article, the design will be explained in detail, as well as the gaming options. The coins, payouts and bonus rounds will also be explained. An in depth look at Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde will explain bonuses, like the Potion bonus where players help to create an anti-monster serum, so they can get a better idea of what to expect.

How to Play the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Slot

The 5 reels in the game are creatively displayed inside an elegant wood bookshelf that’s located in what appears to be the mansion’s library/laboratory. The 30 paylines are numbered in black lettering along the sides of the shelf. Dr. Jekyll can be seen walking around the reels throughout the game, checking potions and watching the reels, reacting both physically and verbally to certain spin outcomes. The choose coin, select line and bet per line options are located in the bottom left corner of the gaming screen. The max bet, spin, double up and autoplay options are located in the lower right corner of the game. Other gaming options and the paytable button are in the upper right corner.

The denominations on Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde include $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $.50 and $1.00. The bets can be set anywhere from 1 to 5 per line and from 1 to 30 lines can be played per spin. The maximum bet on the game is 150 credits per spin.

The newspaper symbol pays out 100 for 5, the potion books also pay out 100, the fireplace pays out 150, the mansion also pays out 150, the lock and key pays out 200, the constable also pays out 200 and both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde pay out 1200.

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Bonus Feature

Getting the red potion flask on both the second and fourth reels at the same time with the logo symbol between them will trigger the Wild Hyde feature. In this feature, all the logo, Jekyll and Hyde symbols on the screen will turn into wild symbols and the symbols will go through a swirling effect, which causes them to rearrange themselves on the reels, creating more chances for wins.

The Frenzy Bonus is activated by getting a Hyde on the second and fourth reels with the logo between them. This feature will take players to London, where they will help Hyde steal without getting caught. This feature can pay out as much as 30x if the player does well.

Getting two Jekyll symbols on the second and forth reels with a logo between them will activate the potions bonus. In this feature, players will choose ingredients while they try to come up with an anti-monster potion. The faster a player can come up with the potion, the more they can win. This feature can pay out as much as 120x.

Getting the blue potions on the second and fourth reels with a logo symbol between them will activate an instant bonus feature. Here, players will be awarded with a random prize that’s between 5x and 20x.

The free spins round is activated by filling up the potion meter. This meter gets filled a little bit at a time, every time players get a red potion symbol at the end of a spin. It takes 100 of these potion symbols to fill the meter, but the free spins round can continue for a great length of time, making it well worth the effort.


Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is a very interactive game with a surprising amount of special features. It also has a good range of betting options, making it a budget-friendly game for all kinds of players. The graphics are spectacular and the animations are just as great. I got a kick out of watching Dr. Jekyll go about his business while the game was in play, checking in on his potions and walking around the library/lab. I smiled every time he would yawn or yell out “Tally Ho!”

Anyone who finds themselves online in hopes of playing a slots game with many elements, should give this one a try. A lot of detail has been put into every aspect of the game’s design. It’s this attention to even the smallest of details that makes it a game guaranteed to offer players the ultimate online slots gaming experience.

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