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Chase the Cheese SlotsChase the Cheese is a fantastic online slots game that has a very unique looking design. The appearance of this game helps it to gather a lot of attention from players looking for something different. It has 4 reels and 9 paylines that are presented in their own way. The game has a theme to it that revolves around mice in a basement and their attraction to cheese.

This article will serve as a very helpful review of the Chase the Cheese online slots game. It will go over all aspects of the game including its design, denominations, payouts, bonus rounds and other special features. By reading the information provided here, players will be better prepared for everything the game has in store for them.

How to Play the Chase the Cheese Slot

Chase the Cheese presents its 4 reels and 9 paylines in a way that’s a real attention grabber. Instead of traditional square reels that spin in their entirety, this game has reels that look more like rollers and each symbol spot will spin independently from all the others, but at the same time as well. The game has a progressive jackpot and the total for the jackpot is located in the upper left corner of the gaming screen. Below that total is the button to click in order to view the payouts. All the other gaming totals are located in the lower left corner of the screen and the buttons are all lined up along the bottom of the reels.

The fact that this game has 9 paylines means it offers players more chances to win, but it isn’t too complicated. It’s a good game for all experience levels. Players can activate the number of paylines they want. The coin values range from 0.02 to 1.00. The maximum bet in Chase the Cheese is 45 coins.

There are no high ranking card symbols in the game the way there are on many other online slots games. Instead, Chase the Cheese has a mixture of symbols commonly seen in classic slots, and symbols that revolve around the theme. The cherries will pay out 15 for 4, the plums will pay out 40, the 7s will pay out 100, the blocks of cheese will pay out 225, the magic hat and wand will pay out 500, the mouse trap will pay out 1000, the mice will pay out 2000 and the jackpot symbol will pay out the 7500 jackpot.

Chase the Cheese Bonus Features

The wild symbol in Chase the Cheese is the one that has the word “wild” written across it in different colors. This wild symbol will show up on the reels to replace all of the other symbols when it means the creation of a winning combination for the player. The wild symbols are known for making an appearance often in this online slots game.

The Chase the Cheese logo symbol is the bonus symbol in the game. Getting four of them will take the player to the second screen bonus round that’s reminiscent of the Super Mario game. In this feature, the mouse will gather as many pieces of cheese as they can, while avoiding the dangers that pop up along the way.

The progressive jackpot can be won by getting four of the jackpot symbols on the reels while betting the max. If the player bets anything less than the max, then they are not going to be eligible to win it.


Chase the Cheese is a great online slots game for players to choose when they are looking for one that gives them a different design than what’s considered more traditional. The game has a fantastic look with a background that looks like it is set in the basement. The way the reels are offered also helps to give the game its own special design. Since Chase the Cheese is powered by Betsoft software, players can trust in it to run fast and give them a very high-quality online slots gaming experience.

I generally tend to look for online slots games that have a lot going on and offer me many special features to enjoy. While the Chase the Cheese online slots game was a little more basic than what I usually play, it had a lot of different elements to it that made it one I couldn’t resist. From the moment I began playing the game, I found it to be extremely entertaining. Also, it proved to be profitable. The special features came up very often and this helped me to enjoy the full potential of the game. I would suggest for anyone else who is looking for a slots game with a unique layout and design to also give the Chase the Cheese online slots game a spin. It may even become one of their new favorites to spend time on.