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Captain Cash SlotsCaptain Cash is a great looking online slots game that has a classic design. Most of Betsoft’s games are video slots and they’re known for offering players many fantastic special features and realistic graphics. However, there are many times when even Betsoft fans feel like spending time on less complex games. Captain Cash is a great game for those times. It’s a game that allows players to continue enjoying the creativity Betsoft is known for, while also enjoying a simpler format. This game has a lighthearted pirate theme. It has 3 reels and 5 paylines. The game is full of exciting symbols, such as the captain, swords, treasure maps, treasure chests and more.

This article will serve as a helpful review of the Captain Cash online slots game. The entire design, the denominations, the payouts and the special features will all be covered. By reading this review, interested players will learn all about the game, so they can learn what it is about it that makes it a great choice for them to play.

How to Play the Captain Cash Slot

Captain Cash is a fantastic game for players who want to enjoy a classic slot, but also like the idea of a creative game with a unique theme. Also, the fact that it has 5 paylines makes it good for those looking forward to enjoying some extra chances to win each time they spin the reels. The pirate ship, the sea and treasure are all visible in the upper right corner of the screen. The game’s paytable is located in the upper left of the screen. The credit and payout information is on the left side, right over the choose coin button. The bet one, spin and bet max buttons are all lined up along the bottom of the reels. The game has a nice sandy tan coloring to it that will remind players of the beach. The paylines are all colorfully numbered along both sides of the reels.

This game is a good one for players working with smaller to medium sized gaming budgets. The coin values on Captain Cash start out at 0.02 and go up to 1.00. Just one of the many great things about the game is it does give the player the option of betting up to 15 coins.

Even though this game has a classic style to it, the symbols are unique. They go with the theme of the game. This makes it good for those who are looking for an entertaining and exciting classic slots gaming experience. Getting the treasure chest, the pirate flag and the rolled up treasure map will pay out 3. Getting three of the single bars will pay out 5, getting three of the double bars will pay out 10, getting three if the triple bars will pay out 20, getting three of the rolled up treasure maps will pay out 25, getting three of the pirate flags will pay out 50, getting three of the treasure chests will pay out 100, getting three of the pirate captains will pay out 750. Getting three of the pirate captains while betting the max will pay out 1000.

Captain Cash Bonus Features

The Captain Cash slots game may be a classic styled slots game, but it’s also one that provides players with a couple fantastic special features they can look forward to. First, betting the max gives the player the chance to enjoy that 1000 jackpot. Also, the captain is wild and this means it can show up on the reels to bring the player more wins.


The Captain Cash online slots game has a look to it that makes it a true pleasure to play. While the game will appeal to those who are looking for a classic game to spend time on, it may also appeal to anyone who’s looking for something a bit different. It is a great compromise. It has that simple layout, but a unique design that offers a fun pirate theme. It has a wild symbol and this means even more chances of winning when the players spin the reels. The game has plenty of colors that add to its appearance in an appealing way.

I found the Captain Cash online slots game to be a fun one to play. Since I generally look for the 5 reel video slots, this one surprised me. It was very entertaining and I had a great time on it. The 5 paylines and the wild symbol gave me that little bit extra that I like to see in a slots game. The pirate theme also captured my interest, I like to play pirate themed games. I would suggest other players to give this game a try if they are looking for a classic styled slots game that has some extra features to it that they will more than likely really enjoy.