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Birds SlotsBirds is an online slots game that’s powered by Betsoft software. Betsoft is an industry leader that’s become known as the software of choice for anyone who wants to play games with the best possible graphics and animations. Birds is an online slots game that has such a fantastic design to it that it’s almost too good to be true. This game plays like no other online slots game out there. This game doesn’t have reels that spin or symbols that make their way around those reels. Instead, the game has colorful birds that fly.

This article will go over the Birds online slots game in a way that educates players on all it has to offer. The creative and amazing design of Birds will be explained, as well as the coin values, the payouts, the bonus rounds, and all of the amazing special features.

How to Play the Birds Slot

Birds has such a fantastic look to it. The background of the game can change, providing players with the chance to enjoy the game in different settings. However, there is one thing that will remain the same and that is the wires the birds sit on. These wires provide colorful birds with a great place to rest. When the player clicks on the spin button, the birds will fly away and more will fly onto the wires to take their place. Winning combinations are formed by getting matching birds in a row. The game’s totals and buttons are lined up along the bottom of the screen.

The Birds online slots game has 5 bet levels and the coin values start out at just 0.02 and they go up to 1.00. This is a game that will fit in many sized bankrolls.

The different colored birds will act like different symbols in other slots games. The white bird will pay out 10, the white bird with gray around the face and wings will pay out 10, the pastel blue bird will pay out 15, the soft pink bird will pay out 15, the purple bird will pay out 20, the green bird will pay out 40, the yellow bird will pay out 75, the orange bird will pay out 100, the red bird will pay out 125 and the bird with the feathers sticking up like a Mohawk will pay out 500.

Birds Bonus Features

The wild symbol in Birds is the bird that has a lot of different colors. This bird is green, blue, yellow, red, orange and white, to name a few. The wild symbol will replace all of the other symbols on the reels when it means the creation of a win.

This game also has a gamble feature that allows the players to try for the chance to double the amount of their winnings. How it works is, the player can choose to try for the chance to double the amount of their last win after the conclusion of that winning spin. They can double their last win by choosing whether the result of a coin toss will come as heads or tails.

This game has what is called ‘free flights’ and they are the equivalent to the free spins on other online slots games. However, these are called free flights because of the way the birds fly on and off of the lines in this game. The free flights are also triggered in a different way. In this game, the free flights are triggered when the player collects enough points in the free flights meter. This meter will increase each time birds fly off the wires after a win. Gather enough wins and the player will earn these free flights.


The Birds online slots game has such a fantastic design to it that it has the potential to become someone’s favorite as soon as they give it a spin for the first time. This game is perfect for anyone who likes to birdwatch, anyone who’s an animal lover in general, anyone who appreciates slots with superb graphics or simply anyone who enjoys slots games that are unique and creative with tons of personality.

The minute I saw Birds, I knew it was a game that I just had to try. This game is set up like no other I have ever seen. In fact, there are so many differences in this game that one would wonder if it was confusing. However, the game is actually extremely simple to play, but does have tons of great things to offer. This has quickly become one of my favorite games, even though I have only played it a few times. I can’t believe just how much fun Birds is and how many great things it has in store for those who play it. I even found the game to be very profitable. Anyone else looking for an entertaining game should give Birds a try.