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Barbary Coast
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Barbary Coast SlotsBarbary Coast is an amazing online slots game with an adventurous pirate theme. This game is run on Betsoft software and this lets players know that they can count on it to give them a high quality gaming experience. They can also trust in the game to offer them many benefits and features. From the moment a player gets on the Barbary Coast slot, they will be in for a fun ride. This 3D slots game has 5 reels, 30 paylines, stunning graphics, entertaining animations, fantastic special features and a lot more to offer those who play it.

This article will serve as a great review of the Barbary Coast online slots game that players can read to prepare for playing it. The design, the coin values, the payouts, the bonus rounds and all the special features will be gone over.

How to Play the Barbary Coast Slot

The Barbary Coast online slots game has a fantastic looking design. There is a lot of wooden features in the game and little additions are included to give the game the appropriate vibe. For example, there is a couple of cannons on the upper part of the screen, as well as wooden barrels and a third cannon on the bottom part of the gaming screen. The game’s totals and buttons are on the bottom part of the screen and have been designed around those barrels and the cannon. Each of the symbols have very realistic looks to them.

The 30 paylines in Barbary Coast offer the player the chance to activate the number they want. The player will activate them by clicking on the barrel with the words select lines written on it. The barrel will rock each time they click on it, as if it is off balance. The coin values start out at just 0.02 and they go up to 0.50. With the ability to activate all 30 paylines, the game will meet the needs of low budget players, high rollers and everyone in between.

All of the symbols in the game have realistic looks to them and they go right with the theme. The wooden barrel pays out 50 for 5, the cannon pays out 100, the map pays out 125, the compass pays out 150, the gun pays out 175, the gold coins pay out 225, the treasure chest full of treasure pays out 250, the skull and crossbones pays out 250 and the pretty lady pays out 300.

Barbary Coast Bonus Features

There is a generous free spins feature for players to enjoy in this game. Getting three or more of the parrot symbols will trigger the free spins in this game.

Getting the cannon on the center reel can trigger the explosion bonus. In this bonus, the center reel will turn into a wild reel and this can help the player to achieve more wins.

There is a click me bonus round that players can trigger by getting three or more of the Ben Sawyer symbols. When this bonus is triggered, the player will click on the icons to reveal their awards.

The game also has a bonus round that the players can trigger by getting three or more of the Black Beard symbols. In this feature, the player will fight the pirate to save the damsel in distress.

Another bonus round is available that can be triggered by getting three or more of the worker pirate symbols. When this feature is triggered, the player will take part in a drinking competition where they will choose heads or tails to determine who drinks.


Barbary Coast is a fantastic online slots game with an exciting pirate theme. Betsoft is known for offering players some of the best graphics and animations they can expect from slots games. This lets players know that the Barbary Coast online slots game is going to be one they can count on to give them a stunning gaming environment. Along with its great look, the game also has other features that make it such a great one. It is affordable, but also good for players with larger budgets. It has the potential to offer large payouts and has unique special features.

The Barbary Coast slots game had a lot of things about it that I found to be very exciting. This slots game is one that matches the type of slots games I always keep an eye out for. The pirate theme is one of my favorites, the realistic graphics help make the game very exciting and the bonus features help to give me an interactive design that adds to the level of fun I am able to enjoy when I play. This game provided me with a great time and it is now one that I plan on playing again in the future. Anyone else looking for a fun pirate theme should also be sure they give it a try.