Back in Time Slots

Back in Time SlotsBack in Time is a fabulous Betsoft powered online slots game. The game is put together with a stone age design that’s reminiscent of The Flintstones, a cartoon that made its original debut in 1960, but has maintained a more than impressive presence ever since. In fact, the cartoon was also turned into a movie. One example of how this game is similar to The Flintstones can be seen in the design of the reels. They are made to look like the round stone wheels on the cars in The Flintstones cartoons.

This article will provide players with a detailed rundown on the Back in Time slots game. It will go over such things as the design, coins, jackpots, bonuses and other features players will be interested in learning about.

How to Play the Back in Time Slot

Back in Time has 3 reels, 8 paylines and a lot of fun to offer. Betsoft slots can be enjoyed in a no download format, and Back in Time is no different. The game buttons are on the bottom portion of the gaming screen and the three main options are written on rocks that players will click on to choose them. These include the bet per line, bet max and spin options. Near the lower left corner of the game, players can click on the small stone with the current coin value displayed to change the value of the coin they play.

Each payline, all 8, can accept between 1 and 5 coins. This influences the size of the payout that the player will have a chance to win. The coin values in Back in Time include $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50 and $1.00. Going with the maximum bet will provide players with the chance to win the maximum payout. $40 wagered can produce a jackpot with a value of 250 credits.

The Dinomo symbol will pay out 5 coins, the triple 7s symbol will pay out 10, the Back in Time symbol will pay out 15, the Dynamite symbol will pay out 25, the egg with green spots pays out 50, the egg with purple spots pays out 100 and the egg with pink spots pays out 500. In order to get these pay outs, players need to have bet 5 coins and get three of those symbols on a payline.

Back in Time Bonus Features

One of the fantastic special features in Back in Time is the one that allows the players to hold up to two reels for one spin, after the reels come to a stop. This gives the players the power to choose some of the symbols that will show on the reels at the end of the next spin, helping them to make their own winning combinations.

The wild symbol in Back in Time comes in the form of the symbol with an egg with question marks coming out of the top of it. The wild symbol will replace all the other symbols on the reels, with the one exception of the bonus symbol.

There is a bonus round that takes place on a second screen. The bonus feature is activated by gathering three of the rock symbols over a period of time. After the appearance of the third rock symbol, the bonus feature will be activated. In this feature, players will select three reels they want to throw stones at. If those reels match up, then the player will win bonus credits.


Back in Time is a cheerful game with a silly look that really works. I have always been a huge fan of The Flintstones, and although this slots game is not about The Flintstones, it did have a lot of different elements to it that reminded me of the cartoon I spent so much time watching as a child.

Although it took me a while to activate the bonus feature on Back in Time, I did get the wild symbol a lot. It came around quite frequently to help create a lot of winning combinations for me. When I did activate the bonus feature, I would end up doing well in it. This is a game that fit nicely into my budget, so I was able to play on it without any concerns. I ended the game with a nice little profit and I do plan on playing it again.

Back in Time is a good slots game for those who are fans of slots with cartoonish designs, fun bonus rounds, lower coin denominations, exciting animations and classic slot appearances. Players can turn the sound on and off by clicking the upper right hand corner. This is also where they can go to click on the paytable icon to view the paytable. The lower left corner displays their balance, wins, bets and credits. All in all, this is a fun game with good graphics and entertaining features.

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