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Arrival SlotsArrival is one of Betsoft’s impressive online slots games that has a fantastic alien encounter theme. The amount of detail that has been put in to this game is amazing. Along with an intriguing story, the game also features spectacular graphics and animations that will have players sitting on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the next great thing to come from a spin. The main characters in the game are likeable and the aliens are interesting.

This article will go over the Arrival online slots game in a way that explains it to players who are considering giving it a try. By reading this information, they will learn about the game’s design, coin values, payouts, bonus rounds and other special features.

How to Play the Arrival Slot

The Arrival slots game has a very exciting look to it that makes it a lot of fun to play. The background looks like the inside of a spaceship. There is a small alien seated at what appears to be the controls for the ship. In front of the alien are the game’s reels that contain fantastic symbols. The game’s totals and buttons are situated directly in front of the alien and they are designed to look as if they are the ships controls, settings and readings. The alien is very animated and he moves a lot during the game. In fact, he looks as if he is using the controllers and switches in front of him to control the reels. Luckily, he doesn’t have anything to do with the outcome on the reels.

Players can change the coin value by clicking on the choose coin button in the lower left corner. The coin values include 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25 and 0.50. The player can also click on the – or + button to select the number of paylines they want to activate.

There are no high ranking card symbols in the Arrival slots game. Instead, all of the symbols add more details to the game. The target aiming at Earth pays out 50 for 5, the one eyed robot pays out 75, the marine corps badge pays out 100, the Saturn symbol pays out 125, the spaceship pays out 150, the white sphere pays out 200, the alien pet with the big eyes pays out 300 and the Space marine will pay out 400.

Arrival Bonus Features

Getting three or more of the laser gun scatter symbols can take the player to the game’s exciting click me style bonus round. When this feature is triggered, the player will click on the UFO icons to reveal instant awards that will then be added to their credits. Once the player sees the collect symbol, the round will end and they will go back to the base game.

Getting three or more of the alien scatter symbols will activate the wild reel feature and this can increase the player’s chances of creating more wins. The UFO can turn an entire reel wild and give the player free spins.

Getting three or more of the girl symbols will trigger the bonus round. Once the bonus round is triggered, the player will need to help the marine save the girl from the alien who has abducted her. This bonus round has a lot of fantastic animations to it and it is a lot of fun to take part in. Also, the bonus round can end up giving the player a nice award to add to their credits at the conclusion.


Arrival is a Betsoft powered online slots game that has a look to it that helps it to stand out from many of the other games in the industry. Although there are a lot of alien themed slots out there, not many of them have the extensive details and unique features that this game has. It is a game that’s affordable, but that also allows players to bet larger amounts on it if they choose to. It has a detailed look with an exciting theme, creative special features and many chances to win large sized payouts.

I am a fan of both Betsoft slots games and alien themed games. Therefore, I knew immediately that I was going to have to give Arrival a try and I was very glad I did. First of all, the alien on the screen of the base game makes it feel more like a combination of an arcade game, cartoon and slots game. Then, the quality software caused the game to run fast and smooth, without any technical problems. Also, there were amusing bonus rounds that were offered in a way that helps them to stand out from the bonus rounds on many of the other slots games. Anyone else who is looking for an entertaining game with a lot of benefits to enjoy should make sure to give Arrival a try.