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After Night Falls
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After Night Falls SlotsThe After Night Falls online slots game is one that has an impressive look with superb graphics and animations. This 3D game has a theme to it that is based around a detective who is on a mission to track down a thief. There are a lot of special touches put in place to add to the fun story, and the game has an abundance of bonus rounds and special features to offer.

This article will serve as a helpful review of the After Night Falls online slots game. By reading this information, the player will have a better idea of what the game offers and how to make the most out of playing it. The design, denominations, payouts, and bonus rounds will all be gone over.

How to Play After Night Falls Slot

The After Night Falls online slots game has a very interesting look to it. In back of the reels there is a building situated in a back alley. Players will see the animated detective on the side of the reels and the appearance of a cat and random people helps give the game a realistic vibe. The game’s totals and buttons are lined up along the bottom of the screen where they are designed to blend in with the game’s design.

After Night Falls has 5 reels and 30 paylines. This amount of paylines helps to make it much easier for players to get wins along the way. The coin values on this game begin at just 0.02 and go up to 0.50. Players can bet as many as 5 coins per payline, giving them plenty of flexibility with regards to how much they wager per spin.

Each of the symbols in After Night Falls adds their own part to the story. They come together to present a complete story for the players to enjoy while they try for those wins.  The bag full of loose jewelry will pay out 25, the television pays out 25, the security camera pays out 50, the jewelry box pays out 100, the orange cat will pay out 150 and the detective will pay out 250.

After Night Falls Bonus Features

After Night Falls has a stacked collapsing wins feature that players can enjoy if they have bet all 30 paylines. The player will get 3x payout if all the symbols on the reel are the same. Since the round is a collapsing win round, the symbols involved in a win will disappear, allowing more new ones to replace them for another chance to win.

The symbol that includes a file with the detective’s gloved hand on it is the scatter symbol in After Night Falls. This scatter is the symbol that can take the player to the free spins feature. Getting three scatters will give the player 10 free spins, getting four of the scatters will give the player 15 free spins and getting five of the scatters will give the player 25 free spins.

There is a moving wilds feature that’s triggered by getting a magnifying glass symbol. When it shows up, the magnifying glass will move across the screen, offering free respins and causing symbols to become wild along the way.

Getting three or more of the granny symbols will activate the bonus round where the player will look for clues to help solve a break-in that occurred at granny’s house. The player will earn awards for participating in this round.

Getting three or more of the criminals on the reels will take the player to a screen where they will enjoy a click me bonus round that revolves around the criminal looting items from behind doors.

At the conclusion of a qualifying win, the player can choose to try for the chance to double up the amount of that win. They can do this by correctly predicting whether a coin will display heads or tails at the conclusion of a coin toss.


The After Night falls online slots game is jam packed with fantastic animations that make it a lot of fun to play. In fact, at times it can even feel like this game is more of an animated movie, due to all of the great graphics and animations that help to tell the story. At the conclusion of winning combinations, the symbols will show some of those animations and the special features are loaded with them as well.

The After Night Falls slots game is a great example of the type of games I appreciate the most. I specifically look for games that have strong themes, realistic graphics, interesting characters and a lot of special features. This game meets all of those requirements and has an affordable betting range as well. I had a fantastic time on After Night Falls and I would suggest for anyone else looking for a new slots game to try to play it as well. They will find that it has many great features and benefits to offer them.