A Night in Paris Slots

A Night in Paris SlotsA Night in Paris is a fantastic online slots game with 5 reels, 30 paylines and amazing 3D graphics. There are animations in this game that help to bring it to life for the players. A Night in Paris is a game that takes players on a tour of the city where they will enjoy some great nighttime views. The characters also come together to help create an entertaining evening for the player.

This article will serve as a helpful review of A Night in Paris. By reading the information here, they will get an up close view of the design, the denominations, the payouts, the bonus rounds and the other special features that the game has to offer.

How to Play A Night in Paris Slot

One of the first things a player will notice about A Night in Paris is it has a very realistic, 3D design. The background of the game displays Paris at night with beautifully lit up buildings and the Eiffel Tower off to the right. A security guard and his dog stand watch over the reels to make sure everything goes smoothly. The totals and buttons are lined up along the bottom of the screen. A nice touch is the way in which the buttons are designed to look like park benches and signs.

The game has 30 paylines and players can activate the number of paylines they choose per spin. They can also bet anywhere from 1 to 5 coins per payline, per spin. The denominations begin at 0.02 and go up to 1.00. A Night in Paris ends up being a game that players with many sized gaming budgets can enjoy.

There are a lot of different symbols in the game and they all come together to introduce the players to Paris at night. The croissant pays out 50 for 5, the statue pays out 75, the Eiffel Tower pays out 100, the ceramic pot pays out 125, the birds pay out 150, the romantic couple pays out 200, the bull dog pays out 250, the thief pays out 300 and the security guard pays out 500.

A Night in Paris Bonus Features

There are free spins available in A Night in Paris.  The symbol that comes in the form of the badge is the one that can take the players into the free spins feature. To activate the feature, the player will want to get at least three of the badges. Players will be given at least 5 free spins. Once the free spins are activated, the player will also be able to enjoy a fantastic animation where the security guard and his dog will chase a thief across the screen.

There is the chance to earn an instant reward in this game as well. Getting certain combinations can give the player an award that will be instantly credited to their account.  Getting the thief, the badge and the guard, or the guard, the badge and the thief in those orders will payout the prize.

Getting three of the painting symbols can also trigger a bonus feature for the player. When the player activates this bonus, they will be taken to a new screen where they will find that the thief has made his way into the museum and it will be up to the guard to locate him and get him out of the museum.


Betsoft is the main online casino software providers that most players think of when someone mentions 3D slots games with amazing graphics. This software provider has put a lot of effort into building a great name for itself within the online casino gaming industry. A Night in Paris is a great example of a game that has great looking graphics and animations. Along with having a spectacular look, there are also many other benefits. These benefits include a wide betting range, a large number of paylines that players can activate or deactivate, bonus rounds with fun animations and free spins that can help players to win a lot of money. This is definitely a game that’s worth anyone checking out.

I have always had a huge appreciation for Betsoft games. In fact, a few of my all-time favorite online slots games are powered by Betsoft. For this reason, it only made sense for me to give A Night in Paris a try. I’m glad I did try it. The game proved to be another one of the software providers slots games that I can count on to offer me an entertaining gaming environment. Along with getting to enjoy the great story and graphics, I was also able to earn a pretty good profit on this game. I would suggest this game to anyone looking for an excellent game with a Paris theme; it’s also good for anyone who likes the realistic graphics.