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7th Heaven
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7th Heaven SlotsThe 7th Heaven online slots game is one that’s powered by Betsoft software. Betsoft is known as one of the most impressive online casino software providers when it comes to offering players creative slots games with realistic graphics and plentiful features. 7th Heaven is actually one of the providers more basic games, but it still has many great things to offer. The game has a bright look to it and symbols that include a lot of the symbols often seen in the classic slots.

This article will go over the 7th Heaven online slots game in a way that introduces it to players interested in giving it a try. The design, denominations, payouts, bonus rounds and other special features will all be covered.

How to Play the 7th Heaven Slot

The 7th Heaven slots game has an arcade theme to it. The vibrant colors and special features come together to offer players a great gaming environment. There are 5 reels and 18 paylines to the game. The paylines are all numbered along both sides of the reels. The totals and buttons are located on the bottom portion of the screen.

Players can choose to activate the number of paylines they choose in 7th Heaven. The denominations start out at 0.02 and they go up to 0.50.

There aren’t any high ranking card symbols in 7th Heaven. Instead, each one of the symbols have their purpose in the game. The bars will pay out 50 for 5, the spades will pay out 75, the clubs will pay out 100, the diamonds will pay out 150, the hearts will pay out 200, the cherries pay out 250, the bells pay out 300, the green 7s will pay out 500, the blue 7s will pay out 750 and the red 7s will pay out 1000.

7th Heaven Bonus Features

The wild symbol in the 7th Heaven online slots game is the purple “W” symbol. This wild can come on the second, third and fourth reels to replace any of the 7s. When it replaces them to create a winning combination, it will also double the amount of those wins.

There is a color wheel symbol in this game and it has a unique look to it. This symbol contains all four card suits and has a round shape to it. This color wheel can come on the third, fourth and fifth reels. This is the symbol that can take the player to the free spins feature. When this symbol comes up, the player will spin the wheel to earn anywhere from 7 to 12 free spins. This is done by spinning the wheel and watching what comes up. There is also a bonus suit that will randomly appear during the feature when the player matches the suit on the reels.

The 7th Heaven slots game has a gem party bonus feature players can get to by getting gem symbols on the first, second and third reels at the same time. When this bonus is triggered, the player will be given 7 free spins while the reels change to ones that only depict different colored gems. In this feature, there are many chances for the player to win large sums. The diamonds will pay out 1000 for 5, the purple gem will pay out 1500, the green gem will pay out 2000, the orange gem will pay out 2500, the yellow gem will pay out 3750, the red gem will pay out 5000 and the blue gem will pay out 7500.


The 7th Heaven online slots game is one that offers players a whole lot of bright colors and fun symbols. Just one of the amazing things about this slots game is it takes a pretty common theme and puts some spins on it that give it a look and feel all its own. Since Betsoft powers this game, the players are also given a very high-quality game with regards to how well it runs. The reels spin fast, the special features load quickly and the game doesn’t suffer from a lot of freeze-ups and other technical glitches that can hinder a player’s ability to get full enjoyment out of playing it.

I had a great time playing 7th Heaven. I do tend to look for slots games that have a much different look than this one. I like ones that have a story to them, such as comic book style games. However, there was something about 7th Heaven that made it stand out. Once I began playing it, I was surprised by how much fun it was. I especially liked the free spins where I got to enjoy watching all the gems make their ways around the reels. They added a nice amount of sparkle to the game. Anyone else looking for a great game to play should give 7th Heaven a try.