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2 Million BC
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2 Million BC Slots2 Million BC is a Betsoft powered online slots game. Betsoft is known for offering slots games with some of the most magnificent graphics out there and 2 Million BC is a great example of their stunning games. It offers players the chance to be taken back in time where they can mingle with the cave men while they try for wins.

This article will go over the 2 Million BC online slots game in a way that educates players on its design, denominations, payouts, bonus rounds and other features. Once players read this review, they will have a clear understanding of what they can expect from the game.

How to Play the 2 Million BC Slot

2 Million BC has a very realistic look with mind blowing graphics. The outer part of the reels is decorated to look like a jungle and there are vines throughout the game. The symbols include cave man characters, animals and other icons from the cave man era. There are a lot of special touches in the game, including vines that wrap around the reels and gaming buttons formed to look like boulders. The game’s totals and buttons are all lined up along the bottom of the screen. The spin button stands out, since it is designed to look like a roaring campfire.

There are many exciting animations that take place throughout this game. As the player spins the reels, they will see the caveman on the right side of the reels. He will move his head up and down as he watches the reels spin, tap his foot when he gets impatient, cheer for wins and perform other entertaining antics throughout the game.

The 2 Million BC game has 5 reels and 30 paylines, providing players with many chances to win. The coin values include 0.02. 0.05, 0.10, 0.25 and 0.50. This game can be enjoyed by players working with many sized budgets.

There are no high ranking card symbols in 2 Million BC. Instead, all of the symbols add their own special touches to the story. The ruby pays out 250 for 5, the vase with the gold dollar symbol on it pays out 375, the gold stone with the hieroglyphic on it pays out 500, the 5 stones shaped in a half-circle will pay out 625, the wooden club will pay out 750, the stone wheel will pay out 1000, the stones stacked to look like Stonehenge will pay out 1250, the smiling bee will pay out 1500, the saber tooth tiger will pay out 2000 and the cave woman will pay out 2500.

2 Million BC Bonus Features

The campfire symbol will take the player to the free spins round. In the free spins, the player will be able to enjoy spins they don’t need to spend credits for. This makes all of the winnings in this feature pure profit. More free spins can be triggered while the player is already in the feature.

Getting three or more of the acorn symbols will activate the saber attack feature where players can enjoy the chance to earn prizes. In this feature, the player will help the caveman to hunt the saber tooth by aiming for him. He will then shoot and the player will be given credits when the caveman knocks him out.

Getting three or more of the diamond symbols will activate the diamond bonus. In this feature, the player will help the caveman figure out a way to steal the diamond from the saber tooth. Once this mission is accomplished, the player will receive their award and be taken back to the base game.  Getting five of the diamonds can also give the player a generous 1000.


The 2 Million BC online slots game is one with such an impressive design. Not only does it have an intriguing look to it, but the special features all offer many ways to earn prizes. These features are designed to make the game very interactive, where the player takes part in much of the action. Along with all the great features it has, the game also has a flexible betting range and the potential to be extremely profitable.

I couldn’t believe just how perfect the 2 Million BC game was for me at first. This game has all the features I look for in online slots and much, much more. The moment I started playing this game I began experiencing nice payouts and triggering the exciting features. I liked the way the game offers fantastic animations for just about any reason, like when winning combinations are created, when special features are triggered and just for the sake of a great looking game. I would suggest for anyone looking for a great game to give 2 Million BC a try. It has the potential to become a fast favorite of many.