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Moon Festival SlotsMoon Festival is an all-around great online slots game that has a lot of features that help it stand out from many of the others and make it a game players will look forward to playing. The game has a Chinese moon festival theme that’s brought to life with fantastic color choices, exciting symbols and helpful special features. Another thing most players truly appreciate about the Moon Festival online slots game is the fact that it has 50 paylines. A game with this many paylines can significantly increase a players chance to hit winning combinations when they spin the reels.

This article will act as a complete review of the Moon Festival slots game. By reading this information players will get an inside view of what it will be like to play it and they will learn how to make the most of their time playing it. The entire design, the layout, the coin values, the payouts, the bonus rounds and all of the other special features will be completely covered.

How to Play the Moon Festival Slot

The Moon Festival slots game has a colorful appearance and a lot of special touches that help give it an intriguing look. The background of the game includes some beautiful flowers and what looks to be a bright nighttime sky. The reels are all centered right in the middle of the screen. The totals for the game are available at the top and the bottom of the screen, with the buttons all at the bottom. There is an autospin button right next to the spin button. Clicking the autospin button gives the players the option of choosing 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 autospins. These are spins that happen one after the other without the player needing to continuously click the spin button. This frees their hands up for other things but allows them to continue with the game.

The Moon Festival slots game offers players 50 paylines. They can bet anywhere between 12.5 coins and 500 coins per spin. This makes the game a very flexible one that many players will find to fit nicely in their gaming budget.

There are high ranking card symbols in Moon Festival that make up the game’s lowest paying symbols. Each one of these symbols are very colorful and designed to fit in the game nicely. The 9s pay out 50 for 5, the 10s pay out 50, the Jacks pay out 50, the Queens pay out 50, the Kings pay out 50 and the Aces pay out 50. The other symbols include a variety of icons that suit the game well. The instrument will pay out 75 for 5, the coin will pay out 75, the lotus flower will pay out 75 and the blue rabbit pays out 75.

Moon Festival Bonus Features

The Moon Festival online slots game has a look that draws player’s right in. However, it also has much more than a fantastic design and good graphics to offer. Players will also get to take advantage of and enjoy some helpful bonus rounds and special features that add more elements and more chances to win to the game. This game has a sticky wild symbol that shows up on the reels to create more winning combinations. The wild symbol comes in the form of the full moon. The wild symbol can only show up on the second, third, fourth and fifth reels in this game.

There is also a scatter symbol in the Moon Festival online slots game and it comes in the form of the Chinese scatter lanterns. The scatter symbol can show up on the first, second and third reels. Getting three or more of the scatter symbols will give the player free spins. If the scattered Chinese lantern symbols land under a wild moon symbol then the player will be given another 5 free spins. The free spins feature gives players the ability to enjoy spins they don’t need to risk their own credits for.


The Moon Festival online slots game has a wonderful look to it and special features that help give players more chances to win each time they spin the reels. Along with bonus symbols, players will also be able to take advantage of the fact that there are 50 paylines to this game.

The Moon Festival slots game is a perfect example of the types of games I specifically go online searching for. The second I saw this game I was drawn to it and it proved to be a great fit for me the minute I began playing it. I really liked all of the symbols in the game because each one of them added to the game in their own special way. Anyone else who has come online in search of a great slots game to spend their time on should consider giving the Moon Festival slots game a try for themselves.