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Bunny's Rabbits
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Bunny's Rabbits SlotsThe Bunny’s Rabbits online slots game is one that has a lot to offer players. It has a fun look, a unique layout, a player friendly design, an entertaining theme, likable characters, exciting bonus features and many other fantastic opportunities. This game has a look to it that helps it to stand out from the others and that gives players a unique slots gaming experience when they play it. Bunny’s Rabbits has a 4×4 pattern along with 10 paylines and these things help bring many chances to win to the players.

This article will go over the Bunny’s Rabbits slots game in a way that introduces it to those thinking of giving it a try. The design, the layout, the coin values, the payouts, the bonus rounds and the other special features will all be described in a way that gives players a good idea of just what it will be like to play the game.

How to Play the Bunny’s Rabbits Slot

The Bunny’s Rabbits online slots game is a cheerful slot that’s full of personality and great opportunities. The adorable look of this game makes it inviting and it has a nice springtime feel to it. The game can be played all year round, but it’s definitely one that has an Easter holiday feeling to it. The background of Bunny’s Rabbits is made up of bright green grass, rolling hills and green trees. The design is done in a cartoon style. The reels are right in the middle of the gaming screen and they come in a 4×4 layout. The game has 10 paylines and players can easily keep track of each payline because they are all numbered in bright colors. All the information for each game and spin, as well as the buttons, are all lined up along the bottom of the screen.

The Bunny’s Rabbits online slots game has 4 rows, 4 columns and 16 reel positions with each spinning separate from the others. There are also 10 paylines, one for each of the rows, one for each of the columns and two for the diagonal wins. Players can activate the number of paylines they want so they can fit the game right into their own gaming budget.

There are high ranking card symbols in Bunny’s Rabbits. They are designed to add a lot of color into the game and they make up the lowest paying symbols on the reels. The 9s pay out 100 for 5, the 10s pay out 100, the Jacks pay out 100, the Queens pay out 100, the Kings pay out 100 and the Aces pay out 100. The other symbols in this game include a lot of different animals and other fun icons. The cute little tea pot will pay out 250 for 4 of them, the orange cat will pay out 250, the content looking dragon will pay out 250 and the knight will pay out 500.

Bunny’s Rabbits Bonus Features

The Bunny’s Rabbits game is an entertaining one for many reasons and one of these reasons is its ability to provide players with fun bonus rounds and other special features. There are two wild symbols on the reels that come in the form of the wild witch and the wild rabbit. The wild witch can take the place of all the regular symbols except for the red rose scatter. The wild rabbit can take the place of the mystical symbols except for the red rose scatter and the wild witch.

There is a free spins feature in this game that gives the players the chance to enjoy risk free spins and many large wins. In order to get to the free spins feature the player will need to trigger it with the help of the red rose scatters. Getting four of the red rose scatters will give the player 5 free spins, five of them gives the player 10 free spins, six of them gives the player 15 free spins, seven of them gives the player 20 free spins and eight of the red rose scatter symbols will give the player 25 free spins.

There is a fun feature in the free spins round where the wild witch flies across the screen to randomly pick from the symbols on the reels to turn them into the wild rabbit. These wild rabbits will remain on the reels for the rest of the free spins round.


The Bunny’s Rabbits slots game is one that invites players to enjoy an entertaining storyline in a unique design. The game has a look to it that makes it an attention grabber for just about anyone. It also runs smoothly and has great special features.

I had such a great time on the Bunny’s Rabbits slots game and I plan on spending more time on it in the future. This game also gave me a profit and I smiled the whole time I played it.