Aristocrat Online Casinos

The Aristocrat story began all the way back to 1953, when the company produced their first slot machine. It was founded by Australian Len Ainsworth, whose family still owns a large stake of the company today. It is located in North Ryde, New South Wales, Australia, a suburb of Sydney.

1956 saw the introduction of the Clubmaster, which revolutionized the gaming industry as the first machine to offer scatter and multiline payouts, as well as incorporating several other technological innovations.

The Clubmaster took the gaming business by storm and helped the company quickly capture a large chare of the Australian market. This was just the start of their innovations and market leadership, which continues on today.

The 1960s saw Aristrocrat expand beyond the shores of Australia, into Europe as well as Las Vegas, where their Aristocrat Nevada machine was a huge hit. By 1965, they introduced the world’s first electronic slot machine, “Moon Money.”

The company continued to grow globally in the 1970s, and during this decade introduced the world’s first video based slot machine as well as the world’s first all electronic game called “Wild West.”

The 1980s saw them expand into casino management systems, as well as the Microstar range of slots, which were so far ahead of their time that some of their gaming technologies are still in use today. Aristocrat also invented the virtual reel around this time, which greatly expanded the number of possibilities that mechanical reels had.

The 1990s saw more innovative gaming systems being introduced to the market, such as the MK Gaming System and the Hyperlink Gaming System, and the company became listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1995.

The slot games from Aristocrat just kept getting better and better, and the company worked even harder to recruit top talent to not only drive their development and marketing of their online slots, but to also venture out into the new online and mobile realm.

This included their acquisition in 2013 of a company called Product Madness which is a market leader in social casino gaming. They have also expanded their traditional business with the acquisition of Video Gaming Technologies in 2014 for $1.3 billion, which instantly more than tripled their business in the lucrative North American market.

Aristocrat is currently the second largest gambling machine maker in the world, and has had some great success with its games, both in sales and in terms of critical acclaim, having racked up many awards of late.

Aristocrat Slot Games

Aristocrat Has Been On the Leading Edge for 60 Years

Aristocrat is a company that started out on the leading edge of gaming technology and has not ever rested in their quest to always be on top of the world in this regard. Their games of today are among the world’s most popular as well as the most innovative, and offer immersive experiences that have players fully entertained and wanting more.

The company did go through some economic hardship during the recession of 2008 but hired a new CEO and has come back very strong from this, particularly after their new business acquisitions which really expanded their reach.

Some of the games that have been huge hits lately include Buffalo Stampede, the best selling slot machine of 2014, as well as Walking Dead, which won the casino product of the year, and 5 Dragons, which also won awards.

The success with their casino systems business continues on and they have continued to push the envelope of that as well with their bringing in assets from Paltronics Inc. Perhaps even more so than the slot machine business, unless you move ahead, you fall behind, and Aristocrat has always understood the importance of this and have acted to keep themselves in a very good position relative to their competitors.

More games followed in 2015, including several huge hits, such as Sons of Anarchy, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, and Lightning Link. The Sons of Anarchy was the industry’s top anticipated game, they had 4 slots in the top 10, and their Buffalo slot line was named the top performing game in the business for the fourth year in a row.

Aristocrat Is Poised To Continue To Dominate and Delight

With such a long and rich history, and a newfound commitment to providing the very best in gaming entertainment, which has manifest in the company’s recent increased success in the gaming market. Aristocrat shows no signs at all of slowing down and in fact things are getting even more exciting at this company of late.

Their Heart of Vegas social gambling app has been a great success and they continue to look for more ways to provide gaming entertainment, which now includes the world of mobile gaming.

As they well understand that slot players crave variety, and casino operators have a big thirst for not only hot games but a steady supply of new products to offer their players, and Aristocrat stays on top of this by introducing new games each year, and ones that players really tend to love, making both the players and the casino operators happy.

With the popularity of online gambling exploding over the last several years, as well as the fame, popularity, and success of Aristocrat’s slot titles, it only was a matter of time before their slots hit the world of online casinos.

While playing an Aristocrat slot online on a computer or a mobile device can’t really compare to the much more immersive experience of playing one of their physical slot machines, their innovative technology still shines with these online versions.

So they have licensed out their titles to be offered online now and many players from around the world enjoy playing them now on their computers and phones, which has allowed their games to see their reach greatly expanded, as online gaming is far bigger than land based gaming in terms of reach, as now their games can be enjoyed anytime, by anybody, from anywhere.

Aristocrat is still headquartered in Australia but now has offices in 30 locations around the world, and their products are licensed and offered in 90 countries and in 260 gaming jurisdictions. They are well positioned to remain a leader in the slots business across several platforms for many years to come.