Free Casino Apps in 2021

Mobile Casino AppsNothing beats logging into your favorite online casino and walking away with a nice sum after hours of casual gambling.

However, not everyone likes putting their hard-earned dollars on the line, and that’s fine! Thankfully, there are plenty of options for people who want to play free casino games.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best places to play free casino games with no download necessary, as well as the best free casino slot apps.

Why Play Free Online Casino Games?

Playing casino games for real money has long been the go-to method of having fun at casinos. You come in with $50, you walk out with your pockets lined with cash. This sentiment is what keeps people coming back to casinos time and time again.

While this is still very popular, free online casino games are beginning to catch up. Over the past 10 years or so, there have been a growing number of free online casino websites available for people to play without spending any money.

If you’re an avid gambler and funds are tight, you can still have fun playing online casino games without losing any money!

There are plenty of reasons people opt for free casino apps instead of making deposits at real money casino apps.

  • Playing free games is both fun and risk-free
  • There’s still a chance to win real money prizes
  • You can get used to and learn the game before playing for real money
  • There’s no signup process to play for free

Fun and Risk-Free

Playing free casino games is not only a great way to give yourself a break from having to spend your hard-earned money, it’s also an excellent opportunity for people who may not be as familiar with online gambling. Many free games are just like their real money counterparts, so you get the same experience as if you had your cash on the line.
Free Text With an Online Slots Background

Chances for Real Money Prizes

Many people shy away from free online casino games because they’re afraid of not winning anything. If you’re in it to win it, you have to put your cash on the line, right?

Not necessarily. Some online casinos offer free spins or slots bonuses that don’t require a deposit first. While these online casinos are hard to come by for obvious reasons, there are a few that offer the chance to win prizes without risking your own money.

Get Used to the Game

If you’re in the market to win big, then you probably want to practice your gameplay before you put it all on the table.

Most online casinos offer free or demo version of their games so you can familiarize yourself with the controls and the gameplay before making a deposit.

These games are incredibly useful if you’re into playing online poker, craps, or blackjack. You can test out your skills before putting them to the test. Practice makes perfect, after all.

No Signup Required

One of the allures of free casino apps and games is the no signup policy. For people that don’t want their information out on the Internet more than it has to be, playing free games is a great way to avoid making an account at an online casino.

For example, if you wanted to play some free slots or table games, all you have to do is travel over to Las Atlantis and explore their game library. Almost every game has a free version you can access without signing up for an account.

You pick your game, play it, and be on your merry way. No strings attached, and better yet, no email promotions clogging up your inbox.

The Best Free Casino Apps

Many people enjoy playing free casino games but aren’t really into spending money on it. That’s fine! Everyone plays differently, and there are plenty of options out there for people looking to play for free.

Here are some of the best casino apps that offer free games:

App/Website Games Pros Cons
MGM Slots Live Logo
MGM Slots Live
Slots, table games, free social games Offers frequent free rewards and promotions Most of the app is paid, with select free social slots to play with friends
myVegas Blackjack Logo
myVegas Blackjack
Blackjack 21 Completely free to play, in-app purchases are optional Offers only blackjack style games
MyKonami Logo
Authentic fruit slots, 3-to-5-reel slots Large welcome bonus, optimized for mobile gaming Mostly slots games, ads for purchasing more coins

Free Casino Slots Apps

If slots are more your style, check out these free slots apps. We say free because you are able to play many of the games on these apps without making a deposit.

But some of these apps advertise purchasing chips for slot spins. And after a certain point, sometimes it’s required to keep playing. This is one of the downfalls of free apps; developers always want to make money, and they do it by locking content behind paywalls or selling ad space on their app.

While it can be frustrating, it’s the way the industry goes. We’ve picked the best apps that have minimal ad space and aren’t overly pushy about selling chips.

App/Website Games Pros Cons
Caesar Slots Logo
Caesar Slots
Wild Howl, Gods of Greece, Valley of the Pyramids and more Loyalty program that gives out free prizes and gifts Signup required
Slotomania Logo
Queen of the Desert, Despicable Wolf 2, Ghost Motel, and more Large selection of games and incentives to unlock new games Signup required
MyChoice Casino Logo
MyChoice Casino
Big Prize Bubblegum, China Shores, Jumping Jack Cash, and more. Great games that work well on mobile Either have to play to a high level or pay for a pass to unlock all slots

Real Money Casino Apps With Free Games

Like we mentioned earlier, many reputable real money casinos offer free or demo versions of their games. Choosing one of these casinos makes it easy if you ever want to start playing with real money. You can simply sign up for an account, make a deposit, and keep playing the games you already love.

Here are our recommendations for online casino apps with free games.

Las Atlantis Casino Logo

Las Atlantis

Las Atlantis is a big name when it comes to gambling online. Created in 2020, they’ve already solidified their standing in the gambling community with great games and even better promotions.

If you hop over to Las Atlantis’ website, you’ll be able to play most of their casino games for free without signing up for an account.

To play free games at Las Atlantis, first choose a game from their lineup. They have plenty of slots and table games to choose from, like roulette, video poker, craps, and baccarat.

Once you’ve found a game you want to play, hover over it and select the “Demo Play” option.

Most of their demo games will give you a “Fun Balance” of $1,000 to play with. There’s no way for you to win real money from playing the demo games, but it still gives you a chance to have a good time with your favorite games.

If you find a game you really enjoy, you can sign up for an account with Las Atlantis and get exclusive promotions.

For example, new players will receive a 280% deposit match up to $14,000 as well as free spins on select slot machines! If you were ever to play real money casino games, you would want to do it at Las Atlantis.

El Royale Casino Banner

El Royale Casino

When it comes to game selection and promotions, El Royale Casino and Las Atlantis are pretty evenly matched.

El Royale offers many of the same games as Las Atlantis, most of which have a free demo mode.

To access the demo games, follow these instructions:

  • On the El Royale home page, select “Games” in the top left corner.
  • Pick which game you want to play from their lineup.
  • Hover over the game and click “Demo Mode.”

If you find a game you want to bet real money on, El Royale makes it easy to sign up for an account. Right under the analogue box for the demo game, there’s a button that says, “Play for Real.” Using that button, you can make an account and your first deposit.

New players have multiple promotion offers they can choose from, and will receive up to 260% deposit match and free spins on slot machines.

Slots Empire Banner

Slots Empire

If you’re looking to play free online slots or table games, Slots Empire is another good place to go.

Their selection of games is similar to the previous two casinos, and they make it easy to play the free version.

To access Slot Empire’s game library:

  • Click on the menu bar in the top left-hand corner.
  • Select “Games.”
  • Pick your game from the lineup and click “Practice.”

It’s worth noting that not all the table games are available to play for free. While all games have a Practice feature, some games, like War, Caribbean Stud Poker, and Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker, only have a practice feature in the Slots Empire app.

If you decide to sign up for Slots Empire, you can receive a 245% deposit match and 55 free spins on the Caesar’s Empire slot machine.

To read about all the benefits of joining Slots Empire, Check out our review.

Free Casino Apps FAQ

We realize that there are many questions that can come up when researching a topic but we hope that you have found your answers here about free casino apps and what they offer. If you haven’t, we suggest taking a look through the answers below to the most commonly asked questions that we receive about this subject.

  • Are Free Casino Apps Ever Really Free?

    In most scenarios, casinos and individual developers want to make money. And they do that by locking certain games or features behind paywalls. If you purchase their in-app currency, you can advance on to higher levels or play better games. Sometimes, these in-app purchases are required to keep playing after a certain point, but the best developers make sure to still provide free options.

  • Where Can I Play Free Games Without Ads?

    Unfortunately, most free gambling apps have ads of some sort, whether for their own products, or third-party products. If you want to avoid ads completely, we suggest playing the demo version of games on any of the real money online casinos we listed above.

  • Are There Free Live Dealer Games?

    If there are, we haven’t found them yet. It’s incredibly hard for casinos to make a profit on free games, and live dealer variations are much more expensive than say, a free slot machine. If we stumble across free live dealer games, we’ll let you know!