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Bullseye Bucks SlotsAmaya software has developed quite the reputation for itself in the online slots gaming industry. This software provider has proved to have a knack for offering slots games for just about all types of players with all sized budgets. The Bullseye Bucks online slots game is a prime example of one of Amaya’s more creative slots games. The first thing players will notice as soon as it comes up on their screen is how bright the game is. It is designed with some of the most vibrant colors imaginable in a game. The game is set up with a carnival game theme. This design is a creative and unique one with 5 reels and 9 paylines.

The information provided here is going to serve as a helpful review for anyone who may be interested in giving the game a try. The design, the coin values, the payouts, the bonus rounds and the special features will all be covered in a way that clearly explains the game.

How to Play the Bullseye Bucks Slot

The Bullseye Bucks slots game has such an exciting look to it that players will want to jump on it the moment it comes up on their screen. It will pull them in with its carnival game appearance and get them in the mood to go after all those possible wins it has to offer. The background of this game has a red and white striped canopy at the top like one would expect to see covering a booth at the carnival. It also has stuffed animals on both sides of the booth which would be the prizes at a gaming booth. The reels are located right in the center of the game and they are made to look like bullseyes. This gives the impression that the game is an aiming one. When the player places their bet and clicks the spin button, three bullseyes at a time will turn to reveal the symbols. The buttons for the game look like game tickets for a nice added touch.

The denominations on Bullseye Bucks begin at 0.01 and go up to 5.00. The paylines on this slots game are fixed and this means they must all be played for each spin. There are 9 paylines in all, so players can bet anywhere from 0.09 to 45.0 per spin.

There are no high ranking card symbols in Bullseye bucks like there are on many of the other online slots games out there. Instead, all of the symbols have to do with playing a carnival game. The missed target will pay out 50 for 5 of them, the star with pellet holes in it will pay out 100, the brown teddy bear will pay out 150, the milk jugs will pay out 200, the clown will pay out 250, the candy apple will pay out 500, the hotdog will pay out 1000 and the cotton candy will pay out 2500.

Bullseye Bucks Bonus Features

There is a wild symbol in Bullseye Bucks and it is the cotton candy symbol. This symbol is exceptionally easy for players to recognize because it also has the word “wild” written across it in bright green. The wild in this game works a bit differently than the wilds in most of the other online slots. This is due to this wild symbol being used to create winning combinations between only the hot dog and the candy apple symbols, rather than it being used to create wins with all regular symbols. The cotton candy wild symbol also happens to be the highest paying symbol in the game with 5 of them paying out 2500.

There isn’t a scatter symbol in Bullseye Bucks or the free spins that are generally associated with them, but the game does have a few fantastic bonus rounds that offer great opportunities. One of these bonuses is the Pete’s Payday bonus feature. This feature is activated by getting at least 3 of the green dollar sign symbols. When triggered, this bonus will naturally occur and send a prize the player’s way. Another bonus surrounding this symbol gets triggered when players get 4 of them. When this happens, the player will be given a multiplier of 2x. The next bonus happens with 5 of these symbols and it comes in the way of a 3x multiplier.


The Bullseye Bucks slots game will leave players feeling like they are spending the day at the carnival. All the while, they will be enjoying a game full of fantastic graphics and unique bonus features.

I had an amazing time playing the Bullseye Bucks slots game. Every spin was exciting, even when they didn’t result in a winning combination being formed. I would suggest the Bullseye Bucks online slots game to any other players who are online and want to experience some of the more exciting slots games.