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Barnyard Boogie SlotsHave you ever had one of those days when you feel like going online and finding one of the silliest slots games possible to spend your time on? If so, then you should consider giving the Barnyard Boogie online slots game a try. This game has such a fun look to it that it will call to anyone looking forward to having a lighthearted online slots gaming moment. There are also a lot of other great benefits the game offers, such as entertaining characters on the reels and special features for additional chances to win more prizes with each spin. The game has 5 reels, 9 paylines, a clean design and special features online players tend to look for.

This article will go over the design, the coin values, the payouts, the special features and other pertinent information. This information will come together to give interested players a good idea of just what it will be like to play the Barnyard Boogie online slots game.

How to Play the Barnyard Boogie Slot

Barnyard Boogie is a cartoonish looking slots game with many creative and entertaining elements for those who play it to enjoy. The background includes a bright blue sky and plenty of greenery. The reels are very large in size and this helps to make the entertaining symbols even easier to see. The paylines are numbered along both sides of the reels in soft pastel colors. There are music notes floating across the top of the gaming screen and there is a tractor and a barn in the upper right corner. The totals and buttons for the game are nicely laid out at the bottom part of the screen where they are all easy to locate.

Anyone looking for a game that fits right into their budget should consider Barnyard Boogie, no matter what the size of their budget may be. This is due to its ability to cater to just about any size gaming bankroll. The coin values range from 0.01 all the way up to 20.00. The minimum amount a player can bet per spin on Barnyard Boogie is 001 and the maximum amount is 180.00.

The majority of symbols on the reels are made up of high ranking card symbols. These symbols are all very brightly colored and designed in a way that truly helps them stand out from the background. The 9s will pay out 100 for 5 of them, the 10s will pay out 100, the Jacks will pay out 200, the Queens will pay out 200, the Kings will pay out 500 and the Aces will pay out 500. The other symbols include farm tools and funny characters who work and/or live on the farm. The milk jug will pay out 750 for 5 of them, the tractor will pay out 750, the chicken will pay out 1500 and the farmer will pay out 4000.

Barnyard Boogie Bonus Features

One of the most important symbols in the Barnyard Boogie online slots game is the wild symbol. The wild symbol in this game is the adorable pig symbol. It comes on the reels to take the place of all of the regular symbols in the game when doing so means the creation of more winning combinations. There are only two reels this wild can appear on and those are the second and fourth reels. Getting the wilds on both of these reels at the same time can also trigger the game’s bonus round.

Once the bonus round has been activated, the scenery in the game will change. The player will be taken to the inside of a barn where they will see a lot of farm related items like a tractor, hay and wooden crates. During the bonus round, the player will need to locate the little dancing pigs that are hiding somewhere inside of the barn. If a player has gone into the bonus round they want to be sure they choose the objects to look behind carefully, they will only be given three chances to find the dancing pigs before they get taken back to the regular game and lose their shot at the bonus prize. If they are able to find the dancing pigs, then they can earn a multiplier that may be as high as 1000x!


The Barnyard Boogie online slots game has a fantastic look to it and just the right amount of elements to make it entertaining without making it overwhelming. Amaya software also powers the game and this lets those who are thinking of playing it know that it will offer them a high quality experience.

I liked the Barnyard Boogie slots game the moment I saw it. The likable characters went right along with the background and all came together to create a game with plenty of personality.