Arthur’s Quest 2 Slots

Arthur's Quest 2 SlotsArthur’s Quest is a popular slots game powered by reliable Amaya software. The Arthur’s Quest 2 game is a new and improved game based off of the original. Not only is this second version of the game great for those who like the original, but it also has a lot of features players unfamiliar with the original will appreciate. Arthur’s Quest 2 has a gaming screen with plenty going on. This is definitely a game for players who don’t like their slots to be too simple in design. It will entertain them while offering them a lot of different ways in which they can win prizes.

This article will go over the design, the coin values, the payouts, the bonus rounds and all the other special features of the Arthur’s Quest 2 slots game. By going over this article, players will get a real sense for everything the game has in store for those who decide to play it.

How to Play the Arthur’s Quest 2 Slot

When the Arthur’s Quest 2 slots game pulls up on the screen players will see that there is plenty going on. The background of the game depicts a majestic looking castle and a clear nighttime sky. There are rules shown on both the left and right hand sides of the screen and the totals and buttons are all available at the bottom portion of the gaming screen. The game’s name is located along the top of the screen and it is designed with the use of some spectacular looking fonts that help to give it a royal feel. The reels are encased in gold colors which also play into the royal vibe of the game.

The Arthur’s Quest 2 slots game is going to end up being a good choice for players working with many different sized budgets due to the flexibility it offers with regards to the betting ranges. The coin values start out as low as just 0.01 and that makes the game good for low-stakes players, but they also go all the way up to 5.00 making the game good for high-stake players and everyone else in-between.

The symbols in Arthur’s Quest 2 really add to its overall look. There are high ranking card symbols that make up the lower paying ones and they are designed to look fancy and add their own touch to the slot. The 10s will pay out 50 for 5, the Jacks will pay out 100, the Queens will pay out 150, the Kings will pay out 200 and the Aces will pay out 250. When it comes to the game’s other symbols, the set of battle axes will pay out 500 for 5 and the arrows will pay out 1000.

Arthur’s Quest 2 Bonus Features

There is a wild symbol in Arthur’s Quest 2 and it will take the place of all the other regular symbols to make more winning combinations for the players. The wild symbol seems to show up quite frequently and this helps to make it one of the more exciting symbols to watch for. It also acts as the game’s highest paying symbol. Getting five of the Arthur’s Quest 2’s wild symbols can produce a payout that’s worth 2500.

There are no free spins in the game, but there are some exciting bonus features that are both fun and potentially profitable. There are three different bonus symbols to watch for and each one will open a different bonus round when players are able to get three of the same bonus symbols on the reels. The King Arthur symbol will open the Sword in the Stone bonus round, the Merlin and his magic staff bonus symbol will open the pick a spell bonus round and the Guinevere bonus symbol will open the enchanted dragonfly bonus round.


The Arthur’s Quest 2 online slots game is a lot of fun to spend time on and there are many chances that players will win generous prizes along the way. The bonus rounds add an extra element to the game and are set up in a manner that gives it even that much more uniqueness.

I found the Arthur’s Quest 2 online slots game to be one that I could have a great time on when I was looking for something a little more lighthearted than some of the other online slots I tend to play normally. I would suggest this slots game to anyone who has come online looking for a fun and exciting one to try. I know that I plan on logging in and playing more of it in the future. Not only did it give me a good time, but it also proved to be one capable of giving me a nice little profit at the end of my gaming session.