Barstool Sportsbook to Rise Soon at L’Auberge Baton Rogue

L’Auberge Casino & Hotel Baton Rouge
Stadium Sports Bar and Grill at L’Auberge in Baton Rogue is now closed as it undergoes a $6.7 million renovation that will replace it with a Barstool Sports-branded sportsbook.

According to L’Auberge Baton Rogue vice president for marketing Cheryl Duhon, the Barstool Sportsbook is being targeted for a November opening. The sportsbook will be the first permanent sportsbook inside a Baton Rogue casino. DraftKings has a temporary sportsbook at Hollywood Casino but it won’t sit on its permanent location until the casino goes to land next year.

Barstool Sportsbook inside L’Auberge Baton Rogue

The said retail sportsbook will have 10,000 square foot of space and will have a full restaurant and bar. On the left side of the food area will be the sports betting area and lounge which will have betting windows and self-service kiosks. The betting area will be open only to guests aged 21 or older. The sportsbook is expected to creat 40 permanent jobs.

Barstool is one of the top digital media company in the United States. It operates a sportsbook called Barstool Sportsbook which also has a betting app. L’Auberge Baton Rogue’s parent company Penn National Gaming owns 36% of Barstool. Barstool Sportsbooks are on site at several Penn National-owned casinos including L’Auberge Lake Charles.

Reopening the Edge Bar

Once the Barstool Sportsbook is open, the casino plans to reopen the Edge Bar inside the Bon Temps Market. Bon Temps was the casinos buffet area but now offers ala-carte dining serving food that were on the menu of the Stadium. The Edge Bar has been closed for over a year now and has been utilized as the casino’s second smoking terrace.

Under the company’s plan, the private dining area inside the market will be transformed into the Edge’s space. The renovation is projected to cost around $1.5 million to $2 million and is expected to be completed sometime next year.

Encore Boston Harbor Increases Gaming Market Share

Encore Boston Massachusetts Gaming Commission
So far, 2022 has been a great year for many casino operators. Gaming revenues across the country have skyrocketed as pandemic restrictions have been lifted. The return to normal operations has been especially kind to one Boston casino in particular.

There are only three legal retail casinos in Massachusetts. Of the three operators, Encore Boston is by far the most successful. The casino has generated a majority of the state’s gaming market since it opened in 2019. A recent report from the state’s gaming commission shows that Encore Boston Harbor is continuing to dominate gaming revenue.

According to the latest report from the state, Encore has only become more dominant. In April, Encore accounted for over 60% of Massachusetts retail casino revenue. The casino far outperformed the other MA casinos in both table game and slots revenue. It appears that Encore’s strategy of offering premium gaming options is paying off.

Latest Revenue Report From the MGC

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) is in charge of regulating the state’s retail casinos. Part of the MGC’s duties includes releasing monthly revenue reports for the three retail casinos in Massachusetts. According to the latest MGC report, Encore Boston Harbor accounted for more than half the gaming revenue in the state.

In April, Massachusetts casinos earned $99 million in Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR). The MGC credits Encore for bringing in $63.7 million of that total. That is 64% of the total GGR for the entire state. MGM Springfield accounted for $22.5 million and Plainridge Park brought up the rear with $12.9 million.

Encore Boston Harbor’s contributions are not new. The casino has largely controlled the MA casino market since it opened three years ago. However, the Boston casino has increased its control of the market. In 2021, Encore only contributed 62% of the state’s gaming revenue.

Premium Prices Lead to Major Market Share

Encore Boston Harbor has been wildly successful for its first three years of operations. Part of the success is due to its location. Encore Boston Harbor is located in Everett, MA. However, its proximity to Boston gives it a steady flow of cash-laden bettors. The other casinos in the state are not so lucky.

For instance, MGM Springfield is located in Springfield, MA. The area has struggled with rising crime and unemployment rates in recent years. However, the success of Encore is about more than just location. Encore Boston Harbor generated $34.1 million and $29.6 million in slots and table game revenue, respectively.

The revenue from table games alone is more than 600% higher than MGM Springfield’s total in the same category. A large part of the success is due to Encore’s higher play minimums. Encore’s minimum play amounts are triple those of MGM Springfield. By focusing on offering premium gaming options, Encore has attracted a higher-paying clientele.


Sometimes, the best way to make a profit is to simply charge more money. That appears to be the case in the Massachusetts game market. Encore Boston Harbor accounted for nearly 65% of the state’s retail gaming revenue last month. That figure is based on the latest report from the MGC.

Part of the success of Encore is likely due to its location. Being near Boston gives it access to a steady supply of bettors. However, the casino also charges significantly more than other retail casinos in the state. So far, customers appear to be happy to pay higher prices for a premium casino experience.

Are Voice Controlled Sportsbooks Coming Soon?

Man Giving Thumbs-up With a Hundred Dollar Bills and a Sports Book Card Behind Him
Voice-controlled devices have been all the rage in the last decade. Modern technology allows you to control just about everything with the sound of your voice. This can include everything from your phone to your television. You can even do all of your online shopping completely hands-free.

With the prevalence of voice-activated technology, it was only a matter of time before sports betting got involved. Reports surfaced this week on multiple tech companies working on new sportsbook apps.

These advanced betting platforms would allow you to place your wagers just by speaking them into existence. Bettors would still need to be in a state with legal mobile betting to use the technology.

Mobile sports betting has been a major factor in the recent success of the industry. With voice-activated sportsbooks, you could place your wagers even easier. Your commute to work could become the most profitable part of your day. Some of mobile sports betting’s biggest players, including DraftKings, are reportedly part of the development of these apps.

Companies Are Working on Voice-Controlled Betting Apps

There are three companies reportedly working on a voice-controlled sports betting app. Simplebet, Radioline, and Connected Travel LLC are collaborating on the project. If all goes as planned, the app will allow bettors to safely place real money wagers while driving. The trio is reportedly also working on a free-to-play app as well.

Simplebet is a tech company that focuses on real-time technology and machine learning. The company has stated its goal is to make every sporting moment a chance for real money sports betting. Simplebet’s development team includes veterans from the sports industry, data scientists, engineers, and more.

Working with Simplebet are Radioline and Connected Travel LLC. Radioline specializes in creating podcast and radio technology. Meanwhile, Connected Travel develops technology for vehicles. The trio has also partnered with some major names in the sports betting industry. Among the early partners is DraftKings, one of the most popular mobile betting apps in the US.

How Will Voice Command Wagers Work?

Voice-activated devices are an increasingly important part of many Americans’ lives. If all goes well, we could soon add voice-controlled sportsbooks to the list of hands-free devices. Simplebet and its partners are working to create a voice-activated betting platform.

Initially, the sports betting app will focus on smaller wagers. These “microbets” would operate on a simple “hit/no-hit” basis. These simple bets are designed to allow drivers to place wagers with minimal distractions. Also, they allow access to the growing world of live sports betting. Access to the technology would be restricted to states with legal mobile sports betting.

In theory, the voice-activated app would be integrated into the vehicle’s radio. Radioline is working to connect the app with its Android Auto and Apple CarPlay apps. This would allow you to place bets without interrupting your car’s normal radio functions. When it is finished, the technology will be leased to licensed sportsbooks to use.


Sports betting could soon enter the world of voice-controlled technology. A trio of leading tech development companies is working on a new voice-controlled sports betting app. If they are successful, bettors would be able to safely place wagers with the sound of their voices. The technology could be integrated into the vehicle’s radio capabilities.

The companies behind the project are Simplebet, Radioline, and Connected Travel LLC. It is still in the early stages of development. However, we could soon see the day when you can win real money while stuck in rush hour traffic.

US Casinos Had a Record Breaking March

Stack of Hundred Dollar Bills on a Graphic of US States With a Sportsbook Background
2022 has been a prosperous year for US casinos. According to the American Gaming Association (AGA), March was the most profitable month in the history of legalized US gambling. In total, licensed gaming operators won more than $5 billion from gamblers in March.

The US gaming industry as a whole experienced its most successful first quarter ever. Also, many states broke their own records for gaming revenue. The AGA also reported that the Las Vegas Strip is still the most profitable gaming market. Last year the Strip generated more than $7 billion in revenue.

Many industries have struggled to bounce back from the pandemic. Specific gaming markets have also been hit hard. Several new casinos have been delayed due to supply chain interruptions. However, the gaming industry as a whole has more than rebounded. The AGA cites online gaming and sports betting as key components of the gaming industry’s success.

US Casinos Set New Records in March

The AGA oversees and tracks the US gaming industry as a whole. In a report released this week, the agency stated that March was the most profitable month in US gaming history. According to the AGA, commercial casinos in the US generated $5.3 billion in revenue from gambling. The previous record was $4.92 billion which was set last July.

Collectively, US retail casinos combined for their best start to a year ever. The AGA stated that the industry came close to its quarterly record of $14.35 billion. That record was set in the fourth quarter of 2021. The high quarterly revenues are a positive sign for the US gaming industry as a whole.

In its report, the AGA also cited three specific states that set new quarterly records this year. New York’s $996.6 million, Florida’s $182 million, and Arkansas’s $147.4 million in quarterly revenue were all personal bests. New York and Arkansas both legalized online and mobile sports betting earlier this year.

Las Vegas Strip Is the Most Profitable Gaming Market

Wednesday’s report from the AGA also gave an in-depth look at the most successful gaming markets in the US. According to the report, the Las Vegas strip continues to be the most profitable gaming market. The Strip generated $7.05 billion in gaming revenue last year.

Nevada as a whole approached $10 billion in gaming revenue in 2021. Other notable gaming markets in the report include:

  • Atlantic City: $2.57 billion
  • Chicago area: $2.01 billion
  • Baltimore-Washington D.C.: $2 billion
  • Gulf Coast: $1.61 billion
  • New York City: $1.46 billion
  • Philadelphia: $1.40 billion
  • Detroit: $1.29 billion
  • Louis: $1.03 billion
  • Boulder Strip in Nevada: $967 million

The massive gaming revenues pulled in last year were great news for state coffers. In total, $11.69 billion was paid in taxes by legal commercial casinos. That is a year-to-year increase of 75% compared to 2020. It is also 15% higher than the amount paid in taxes in 2019. Casinos also had to pay billions in sales, income, and other taxes.

What Is Behind the Latest Revenue Surge?

No industry was unaffected by the pandemic. Supply and labor shortages are still impacting many sectors across the country. Rising inflation has also been an issue for many Americans. However, despite the obstacles, the US gaming industry as a whole appears to be doing better than ever.

The AGA attributes the gaming industry’s success to the growing number of states that allow online and sports betting options. According to the AGA, using gaming operators generated a record total revenue of $53.03 billion last year. Since the start of 2021, seven new states have approved legalized sports betting. Also, two states approved online gambling last year.

Internet gaming revenue topped $3.71 billion last year. Sports bettors across the country wagered a total of $57.5 billion in 2021. The AGA also reports that the average age of casino goers is going down and guests are spending more. Despite these milestones, some markets have struggled as of late. Atlantic City, for instance, has not yet returned to pre-covid revenue numbers.


The US gaming industry is back and better than ever. According to a recent report from the AGA, commercial casinos collected a record monthly revenue in March. Also, the industry as a whole had its best first quarter ever. The AGA attributed the success to the growing number of legal online and sports betting options available across the country.

Hollywood Casino Baton Rogue to Debut New Name in 2023

Sky View of Baton Rouge Louisiana
Hollywood Casino in Baton Rogue will get a new name when the downtown casino launches its $70 million in late spring 2023.

The project broke ground in August and was supposed to be completed in the second half of 2022. But because of its proximity to the levee, construction had to stop when the Mississippi River is at a particular water level.

$70 Million Landside Expansion Project

The expansion will see Hollywood add 33,000 square feet to its atrium by converting the valet area parking to an indoor space. The riverboat’s 859 slot machines and 12 table games will be moved to land.

A DraftKings sportsbook will be featured in the casino as well as Shaquille O’Neal’s Big Chicken Restaurant. The renovated casino will also have a coffee shop and a noodle restaurant. Once the current project is completed, Hollywood plans to add a hotel to compliment the casino.

Belle and Hollywood Will Be Different From Each Other

Also, the Belle of Baton Rogue hopes to go to the Louisiana Gaming Board before June to get permission to move the Belle to land. The purchase of the riverboat casino by CQ Holding Company was completed last week. But although the Belle and Hollywood now have the same owner, the two will be different from each other.

Belle will have its own branded sportsbook while Hollywood will have a DraftKings sportsbook. The restaurants in each casino will be different. With both moving to land, CQ hopes to get a good share of the Baton Rogue market which has been dominated by L’Auberge Baton Rogue.

Louisiana Riverboat Casinos Moving to Land

Some riverboat casinos in Louisiana are moving to land in reaction to the 2018 legislature which allows them to move off of their current river boats or barges and onto land. The law was passed to induce investments by getting the riverboat casinos to add hotels, restaurants, pools, spas, and other attractions.

The Isle of Capri Lake Charles is set to reopen on land as Horseshoe Casino Lake Charles after its floating casino barge was damaged by Hurricane Laura. Treasure Chest Casino in Kenner is also set to move to land as part of its $90 million expansion that could open in late 2023.

First Mobile Sportsbooks Launch in Arkansas

Three Casinos in Arkansas
Sports fans in Arkansas have something new to cheer about. The Razorbacks made it all the way to the Elite 8 in the 2022 March Madness tournament. Since then, the state has launched its first two mobile sportsbooks. A third mobile sports betting operator could also be available soon.

Arkansas first allowed online sports betting in March, with BetSaracen being the first sportsbook available online. BetSaracen was quickly followed by Betly. In recent weeks, both Betly and BetSaracen have launched the state’s first mobile sportsbooks as well. Oaklawn hopes to join the electronic sports betting world with a website and sports betting app of its own.

Unlike some other states, Arkansas does allow in-state college betting. That is great news for the many SEC football fans in the state. Now that BetSaracen’s betting app is live, Android users can access mobile sports betting. The Betly sportsbook app is currently only available for iOS users.

Betly Becomes the First Mobile Sportsbook in Arkansas

Betly was the second online sportsbook to launch in Arkansas. However, the popular Delaware North brand was the first to offer a mobile betting app in the state. Betly’s app is currently limited to Apple users, however. It first became available on April 26th.

In order to enter Arkansas, Betly had to partner with Southland Casino, which is located in West Memphis, AR. The casino and racetrack first opened in 1956 and was the first venue to offer greyhound racing in the state. Southland Casino began offering live table games and slot machines in 2019 following amendments to the Arkansas constitution.

Part of the reason Betly was able to launch its mobile betting first was because it already existed in West Virginia. The prior experience made it easier for the Betly mobile app to be developed for use in Arkansas. Betly has not commented yet on the possibility of making a mobile sportsbook app for Android users.

BetSaracen Offers Both Android and iOS Sportsbooks

Android users in Arkansas had to wait longer for a mobile sportsbook, but that wait is finally over. Earlier this week, BetSaracen launched its mobile sports betting app. The sportsbook app is available for both Apple and Android users. Sports bettors in the state may already be familiar with BetSaracen’s product. It was the first online sportsbook in the state.

BetSaracen is the sportsbook brand for the Saracen Casino Resort. The casino resort is located in Pine Bluff, AR. It is owned and operated by the Quapaw Nation and originally opened in 2019. Saracen Casino Resort also offers a retail sportsbook on-site.

Despite being the first online sportsbook, BetSaracen came in second in the race for a mobile betting app. This was due in part to the sports betting operator having to build its platform from the ground up. For now, it is the only mobile sportsbook available to Android users in Arkansas.

Oaklawn Hopes to Have Sports Betting App Soon

Betly and BetSaracen are currently the only online and mobile sportsbooks in Arkansas. However, they will not be alone for long. Oaklawn Racing Casino has stated that it is planning to launch its online and mobile sports betting operations this summer.

Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort is located in Hot Springs, AR. The gaming operator currently offers a retail sportsbook at its casino. It has been reported that the online and mobile sportsbooks will both use the Oaklawn brand. No launch date has been announced for either the online or mobile Oaklawn sportsbook.

According to the Arkansas Business Journal, there are other gaming operators that could release mobile sportsbooks as well. Major developers such as Caesars Entertainment, DraftKings, and FanDuel all have connections in the state. Caesars, for instance, will soon be part of the fourth casino in Arkansas, the River Valley Casino. The casino is under construction in Russellville, AR.


At the start of 2022, Arkansas did not allow any forms of online or mobile sports betting. Now, the Natural State has two online and mobile sportsbooks. Betly and BetSaracen were the first two operators to launch online sportsbooks. They were also the first two sports betting operators to offer mobile betting options.

This year has been full of changes for sports betting in Arkansas. The changes are likely to continue as more sports betting operators open up shop in the state. Currently, Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort is developing its electronic sportsbook options. Other major gaming operators have been connected to Arkansas as well.

Jack Cleveland Celebrates 10th Anniversary in Style

Jack Cleveland Casino Logo and Attractions
JACK Cleveland Casino will be 10-years old this coming Saturday May 14th. In celebration of its first decade of operations, the company will be giving out $140,000 worth of raffle prizes to lucky guests. JACK also plans to recognize 244 employees who have been with the company since its launch ten years ago.

Said Matt Cullen, Chairman of the Board of JACK Entertainment:

“We knew from the start that a casino would bring a missing element and energy to Northeast Ohio, which is why we worked so hard to make it a reality. The region has welcomed us warmly from day one, and we’re proud to have become such an integral part of the community.”

JACK’s $1,000 Giveaways

JACK Cleveland will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in style as the casino will give away a total of $140,000 to lucky guests. This will happen in the form of raffle draws of $1,000 every 10 minutes from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. and a $10,000 draw at 10 p.m during every Saturday in the month of May. Guests can earn entries from 5 a.m. of May 1 to 9:55 p.m. of May 28th.

ClubJACK members will also get bonus entries every week when they swipe. Infinity members will get 50,000 entries while K Members and C members get 35,000 and 25,000 extra entries, respectively. On the other hand, A members and J members will earn bonus entries of 10,000 and 5,000, respectively.

Over $700 Million in Gaming Taxes Paid

As one of the top entertainment venues throughout the city of Cleveland, JACK Casino has attracted more than 21 million guests since it first opened its doors 10 years ago at Cleveland’s Public Square. But more than a source of entertainment, it has also been a bug source of revenue for the city’s projects.

According to a press release from JACK, the company has paid more than $700 million in gaming taxes since its opening on May 14, 2012. JACK has also donated more than $17 million to local organizations, including University hospitals, American Cancer Society, Downtown Cleveland Alliance, and the Greater Cleveland Food Bank.

Full House Announces New Deal With Circa Sports in Illinois

Circa Las Vegas
One of the fastest-growing gaming operators is making its way to Illinois. Circa Sports will be entering the Prairie State through a partnership with Full House Resorts. The two companies announced the deal earlier this week. As part of the deal, Circa Sports will be able to use one of Full House’s mobile sportsbook skins.

Illinois will be the fourth state that Circa Sports has operations in. Initially, Circa will operate out of Full House’s temporary casino in Waukegan, IL while the permanent location is built. The temporary location will include sports betting kiosks and dozens of televisions. Circa’s sportsbook will move into the American Place when the casino is completed.

Circa Sports has been aggressive with its expansion efforts so far this year. In addition to Illinois, Circa also recently announced plans to build a sportsbook in Sparks, NV. The Prairie State represents another opportunity for Circa to expand into a growing sports betting market.

Full House Reaches Agreement With Circa Sports

Circa Sports has been one of the fastest-growing sports betting operators in recent years. The next stop on Circa’s path will be Illinois. Circa will be able to enter Illinois through its new partnership deal with Full House Resorts. As part of the deal, Circa will also be allowed to operate a mobile sportsbook.

Full House Resorts announced that it has started construction on its temporary casino in Waukegan, IL. Circa will operate a sportsbook at the temporary location while the permanent venue is being built. Once completed, Circa will relocate its retail sportsbook to the new location.

In return for access to the Prairie State, Circa Sports will pay Full House a total of $5 million this month. Also, Circa will continue to pay $5 million each year after it launches its mobile sportsbook in Illinois. The current deal is for eight years. However, Circa Sports have the option to sign four-year extensions.

What Will the Circa Sports Illinois Sportsbook Look Like?

Circa Sports will operate both a mobile and retail sportsbook in Illinois. Circa’s retail sportsbook will first open at the temporary casino being built in Waukegan. Details have not been released yet about the mobile sports betting app. However, Circa Sports did disclose what bettors can expect at their temporary retail sportsbook.

At the temporary retail sportsbook, bettors will have access to both betting kiosks and retail counters. There will also reportedly be digital odds boards that display real-time sports betting odds. Circa Sports also plans to have 36 televisions available for watching live sports at the temporary retail sportsbook.

Details are still emerging about the permanent casino venue being built in Waukegan. However, if Circa Sports’ other retail sportsbooks are any indication, the venue will be state-of-the-art. Full House has stated that the new casino will include a 1,500-seat live entertainment venue and a gourmet restaurant. Illinois will be the fourth state Circa Sports operates in. the gaming operator is also operating sportsbooks in Nevada, Iowa, and Colorado.

Why Circa Sports Wanted to Enter Illinois

Illinois is not the first place most people think of when it comes to sports betting. However, the Prairie State has been one of the fastest-growing legal sports betting markets in the US. It will also be the largest market, in terms of population, that Circa Sports operates in.

The location of Full House Resorts’ new casino is also positive for Circa Sports. Waukegan is the most populated city in Lake County. It is also less than 30 miles away from Chicago. Circa Sports will have access to millions of potential bettors in the Windy City and the surrounding areas.

Circa Sports is not the only gaming operator making moves in Illinois. Many of the state’s professional sports teams have partnered with sports betting operators. Recently, the Chicago White Sox partnered with Caesars Entertainment as their official sports betting partner. The Bulls and Bears also have partnership deals with sportsbooks.


Illinois will be the new home of one of the quickest expanding sportsbooks in the US. Full House Resorts has announced a partnership deal with Circa Sports. As part of the deal, Circa Sports will pay Full House up to $5 million per year to use its Illinois gaming license.

In return, Circa Sports will be able to operate both a mobile and retail sportsbook in Illinois. In the short term, Circa will have to operate its retail sportsbook at a temporary casino located in Waukegan, IL. Circa Sports will operate the retail sportsbook when Full House opens its permanent venue in the city as well.

New Records Set at 148th Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby Racers on Left and a Sportsbook on Right
The 148th running of the Kentucky Derby is not one that racing fans will soon forget. Rich Strike, the largest underdog in the race, emerged victorious in the 2022 Run for the Roses. At roughly 80-1 odds, Rich Strike is one of the biggest underdogs to ever win the Kentucky Derby.

Sportsbooks across the US have experienced a record-setting year so far in 2022. The trend continued last weekend at the Kentucky Derby. According to reports, Churchill Downs collected a record horseracing betting handle at the event. The Kentucky Oaks also broke betting records on Friday.

For the first time since 2019, the Kentucky Derby was run without any coronavirus attendance restrictions. The crowd at the Derby returned to its pre-pandemic size. Fans of the Kentucky Derby also took advantage of Churchill Downs’ TwinSpires online racebook to place bets. Churchill Downs also reported promising betting revenue from other countries, such as Japan.

Rich Strike Wins the 2022 Kentucky Derby

A total of 20 horses competed in the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. The field consisted of top contenders from horse racing circuits across the country. Many of the favorites in the Derby made compelling cases for horse racing bettors. In the end, none of the horses in the top-10 betting odds won the blanket of roses.

A late scratch on Friday opened up the door for Rich Strike to enter. The late entry was given 80-1 odds to win the storied race. After a slow start, Rich Strike was able to pull ahead in the last leg of the Derby. In the end, Rich Strike won by less than one full length.

Rich Strike will go down in history as one of the largest underdogs to ever win the Kentucky Derby. The winning colt was trained by Eric Reed and his jockey for the race was Sonny Leon. Saturday’s win was the first Derby win for both Reed and Leon.

Kentucky Derby Breaks Sports Betting Record

The 148th Kentucky Derby will also be remembered as one of the most wagered on events in recent memory. According to Churchill Downs, a total of $273.8 million was bet on Saturday’s races. The total betting handle increased by 9% over the previous record set in 2019.

A large majority of Saturday’s betting handle was wagered on the Kentucky Derby itself. Churchill Downs reported that $179 million, almost two-thirds of the handle, was bet on the Derby. That broke the 2019 record for the most money bet on the Derby. The other 13 races on Saturdays contributed to the remaining betting handle.

Online betting on the Kentucky Derby card also reached new heights. According to Churchill Downs, online wagering accounted for $67.4 million of the betting handle. That is an 8% increase from the previous record. The Derby itself accounted for $44 million of the online betting handle, breaking last year’s record by 8%.

Record-Breaking Weekend at Churchill Downs

A new record betting handle was not the only good news to come out of the weekend. Attendance at the 2022 Kentucky Derby reached 147,294, the highest it has been since 2019. Last year, pandemic restrictions limited the crowd to less than 52,000 spectators.

The success at Churchill Downs was not just limited to the Kentucky Derby card, either. On Friday, the track hosted the Kentucky Oaks, a race for three-year-old fillies. At the event, Churchill Downs collected a total betting handle of $74.6 million. That broke the record set in 2019 by a whopping 24%. The Oaks itself generated a record betting handle of $24.3 million, which was 25% higher than the previous record.

In total, Churchill Downs collected a betting handle of $391.8 million over the two horseracing cards. The total handle is a new record, breaking the previous mark by 14%. Churchill Downs reported that $8.3 million of the Kentucky Derby betting handle came from Japan. Crown Pride, the only horse in the race from Japan, finished 13th in the Derby.


The 2022 Kentucky Derby was a recording-breaking event in more ways than one. Rich Strike will be talked about for years to come after winning as an 80-1 underdog. Sports bettors also wagered on the Derby in record amounts. Churchill Downs collected a record betting handle for Saturday’s racing card.

Attendance at the event was also up. For the first time since the start of the pandemic, the total number of Derby spectators topped 100,000. The Kentucky Oaks, which was hosted on Friday, also join in on the record-breaking fun. Wagering on the Oaks was 25% higher than the previous record.

Potawatomi Hotel & Casino Announces $100 Million Renovation Project

Potawatomi Hotel & Casino Scenic View Of The Casino

Potawatomi Hotel & Casino will be undergoing a $100 million renovation project that will “revolutionize” the third-floor area of the casino.

The project will include over 120,000 square feet of space and provide guests with new gaming, dining, and entertainment options.

Said Property CEO and General Manager Dominic Ortiz:

“Since opening more than 30 years ago, Potawatomi Hotel & Casino has made it a priority to evolve and meet the needs of our guests. Not only will this elevate the brand, but it will also further our long-standing status as the premier entertainment destination in the region as the market becomes significantly more competitive. This is just the beginning. Additional exciting changes and new amenities are in store. The best is truly yet to come.”

Milwaukee’s Greenfire Management Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Potawatomi Business Development Corporation, will team up with Gilbane Building Services as the general contractor for the project. Meanwhile, I-5 will serve as the project architect. Construction is expected to be completed by the Spring of 2023.

1,800 Slot Machine Stations

The renovated area will house a total of 1,800 slot machine stations, including a new bar with 28 bar-top slot seats and an array of 4K televisions. Guests will also find cashier stations and a Fire Keeper’s Club booth.

A new high-limit room is also in the pipeline. The room will incorporate upscale decor and top-notch service, a craft bar, stage, and a gourmet kitchen that will feature a brick oven. The casino’s skywalk and entry area will be given a modern look, with LED lighting, video walls, and a sound system throughout the third floor.

Two New Food and Beverage Options

Aside from the gaming upgrades, the Potawatomi Hotel & Casino will also have two new food and beverage options. Rock & Brews, a chain of restaurants founded by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of the legendary rock band KISS, will open its newest location near the casino’s skywalk, as guests enter the property.

A Starbucks Coffee outlet will also be housed by the casino, across Rock & Brews, off the skywalk entrance. It will be a full-service Starbucks branch with both beverage and food options. The casino will also open three “quick service” food and beverage options and a new gift and convenience shop.